Charissa Littlejohn the most glamorous sergeant of US Air Force

Charissa Littlejohn change here life in very unusual way. After school, she became a successful American model, she quickly got bored with fashion and glossy life . Charissa decided to make a sharp turn and give back to their homeland. For five years she has served in the US Air Force, base in Japan. Back at home, she received a master’s degree of medicine, and now she is trying here career in photography. How’s she fits in so many diverse interests, Yes because of while-power. It  is unclear, but one thing we know about Charissa that she is really beautiful as well as with beautiful mind.

Charissa Littlejohn the most glamorous sergeant of US Air Force

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Aerial Photography by Gabriel Scanu

Los Angeles based photographer Gabriel Scanu . Sea, sand, sun, greenery and paths with a composite artist who drew the pictures upside down or aerial view. Real life is crowded with these miniature works and artists which gives a different dimension to the mobility of nature, we can say that look at the upside-down color harmony in nature. Especially in our house with a separate sea breeze adds spaciousness traveling photographers in Spain, England, is in trips of to many countries such as America and Australia.

Gab’s 30 working astonishing composite colors of nature that we have compiled for you. You have good days.

Aerial Photography by Gabriel Scanu

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Tianna Gregory, US famous and professional model

Tianna Gregory, american famous and professional model whose career took off Instagram after posting photos of herself on the web. She has modeled for magazines, calendars, posters, and clothing lines. She headed to Los Angeles, California to pursue her career in modeling after two years of college.

Tianna Gregory, US famous and professional model

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CBQuality, A Personal trainer and Yoga Instructor

Beautiful American lady CBQuality also known as Claire Fountain, She is a personal trainer and yoga Instructor from Mississippi, before ever stepping foot on a mat. As a way to overcome her own life obstacles, she began a journey of learning and studying anatomy in order to heal her mind, body, and spirit. A modern Indian Yoga with Unbeatable strength, flexibility and activeness, she promotes and showing a modern day hybrid of yoga for the active, the athlete, the beginner, and every body ready and willing to learn.

CBQuality, A Personal trainer and Yoga Guru

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The Painted Ladies – San Francisco

Wonderful and colorful Victorian homes are located in several areas of San Francisco, in the western and southern parts of the city. The most famous place where they are located in a row, is the street Steiner is now on the revival of these houses with a fancy name”Painted ladie” around this American city.

The Painted Ladies of San Francisco

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Stephanie Rao, focused model from Miami

Stephanie Rao is the focused model from Miami, This American model fascinated with the idea of evoking emotions through their work, constantly exceeding their own limits. She has been known for her shaped body with strong legs but right now she is attention on her fitness training. She recently started working with Seven Talent Modeling Agency who has been maximizing her potential by booking her with the best jobs and top photographers. She has shot with superstar photographers such as Ohrangutang, Nick Ramirez, RobLo, Megane Claire and many more. She keeps climbing the ladder of success and the future is extremely bright for this mixed model.

Stephanie Rao is the focused model from Miami

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The Americans are going to eat insects

The American Wayne University in Detroit, held a conference “Eating Insects Detroit: Exploring the Culture of Insects as Food and Feed”, which explored the possibility of using local insects for food. There have been presented freeze-dried crickets, locusts, meal-worms and other edible products of insects. Organizers of pleasure ate these foods and showed it to visitors.

Eating Insects Detroit: Exploring the Culture of Insects as Food and Feed

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Natascha Encinosa and Chun-Li Street Fighter

Miami fitness model Natascha Encinosa the millions of internet viewer on Instagram.  Encinosa mostly shares pics of her fit body and workouts, but on this Valentine’s Day she posted something a very different. She showed off her thighs in a way that resembled Chun Li from “Street Fighter,” and fans went wild.

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The lifeguard of Baywatch | Then and Now

It is undoubtedly one of the series that kept audiences in the ’90s. He achieved fanatical fans and to equate many actors with their roles in the series. The teenage cast with red swimsuit and adventures on the beaches of Los Angeles and grew up has changed a lot.

Yasmine Bleeth

While some cast members such as Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff often also considered familiar faces to the public, others have “faded” in our memory and we can not imagine how it is and how much has changed about 20 years after the project when it came at its peak.

See how the actress and actors have changed:

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