34 years old Daughters and 57 is mother are look like sisters

Andrea Malchevki lives in Hawaii, she is 34 years old. And her mother, Sharon Malczewski, 57 years old, and she lives in Washington. Both work as hairdressers. But another is surprising: in spite of the fact that between women there are 23 years of difference, they look like sisters!

It is impossible to believe that Sharon is almost 60. And the secret of her youth is simple: a sense of style, good personal care and a healthy lifestyle. Well, now try to define who is the mother, and who is the daughter!

Sharon and Andrea – mother and daughter. Understand who is who?

34 years old Daughters and 57 is mother are look like sisters

In this photo, Andrea is on the left and her mother is on the right.

Andrea told the Metro edition that she constantly had to prove that Sharon was not her sister. Andrea says that her mother often consults with her about her style of dress and shopping, and she never tries to dress deliberately as a youth. And Sharon says that she loves shopping with her daughter, because she will always honestly express her opinion. Andrea also keeps her up to date on cosmetic innovations.

They both work as hairdressers and trust their hairstyles only to each other.


Here on the left is Sharon, and Andrea, with her hair dyed gray, is on the right.

Mother and daughter are close not only externally, but also mentally. Andrea says that her mother is a hairdresser, a partner for jogging, and the person who will listen at any time of the day or night.

Sharon leads a healthy lifestyle, runs every week, eats healthy food, but allows himself some chocolate


Sharon on the left, Andrea on the right.

Rob’s husband says that now Sharon looks better than 37 years ago when they got married


In addition to his daughter, Sharon also has a 32-year-old son, Jason, and already two grandchildren. But the status of the grandmother does not prevent her from being stylish and beautiful.

Source — Metro


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