Stunning beauty Maria Palafox

26 years old stunning American beauty Maria Palafox is popular on social media. In very short time she has 278k follower on her Instagram account.

With 5.7″ height girl, who looks so beautiful in the pictures, if she stands in front of you, I am sure you lost your senses. We have never seen the fairies, but after seeing her, may be the fairies will be something like her.

Stunning Beauty Maria Palfox

She was born on 06th Feb. 1993 in US. In the age of 26 she is the mistress of the fabulous body and curves. Maria is an inspiration to those who do not pay attention to their own bodies in their lives. Imagination of a beautiful body is only a dream in people’s life. Today Maria looks amazing whatever she wear and you can also imagine how she would look without cl*thes. woow!!! HOWDY Maria.




Source — Instagram

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