Betty Brosmer — The Narrowest Waist And The Coveted Hollywood Woman Of 50’s

Betty Brossmer is the narrowest waist and the coveted Hollywood woman of the 50’s.

Betty Brosmer is the predecessor of Marilyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield. Betty Brosmer – the reason why the actresses of Hollywood began to adjust to the standards of pin-up. To these “achievements” the model went from childhood, to spite spiteful people who claimed that she had removed the ribs.

Betty Brosmer, 1950s

Betty Brosmer — The Narrowest Waist And The Coveted Hollywood Woman Of 50's

Betty started in the modeling business in 13 years. The model was born in 1935, and already in the late 40’s it appeared on the cover of Sears & Roebuck. After that, the model agency Conover, in which Betty worked, filled up with orders: from advertising to the packaging of products with the mandatory presence of Brosmer on them.


In her entire life, Betty won more than 50 beauty contests, starred for more than 150 magazines, appeared more than 300 times on the covers – and this is only a small part of her achievements. Naturally, such popularity could not but affect Hollywood. That’s why it appeared as a commercial phenomenon Marilyn Monroe, in many respects similar to Brosmer’s way of “playful girly”. Perhaps, only the European cinema stood before the new ideals of beauty: there was still in the priority remained elegance and magical femininity, as in Anouk Eme.





Betty Brosmer with Arnold Schwarzenegger, with whom she is to this day is in a friendly relationship, 1970


With her husband Joe Vader on his wedding day, April 24, 1961



When in 1961 Betty Brahmer left the business of glossy magazines, many models sighed with relief. From that time, Betty dressed in a sports bikini and promoted fitness with her husband Joe Vader.



Source: Zen Edited: Gud-sol

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