Palmanova fortress town, The strategic location of war

Fort in the form of a star – type fortifications, which first appeared in the XV century in Italy. At that time, the medieval fortifications that were built of stone, becoming an easy target for the guns. That is why forts star began to build of brick, earth and other materials that are made to strengthen a much more powerful and have reduced the probability of failure of cannonballs.

Palmanova fortress town, The strategic location of war

City of Palmanova in Northern Italy.

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Photographer Kenneth Provost and Abandoned Italy

Abandoned places always attract researchers for its unique aura. Belgian photographer Kenneth Provost is one of them. From his trip to Italy, he brought not hackneyed photos of the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the mysterious pictures of abandoned places with the title ” Beautiful Italy“.

Photographer Kenneth Provost and Abandoned Italy

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9 Most Expensive Cities In The World

Each year, the research unit of The Economist publishes two reports – of the most expensive and cheapest cities to live in the world. The first report, which is called the Worldwide Cost of Living, considered factors such as the price of food, fuel and income levels. Due to the strengthening of the US dollar and the devaluation of national currencies of other countries in the rankings this year, one can observe a major change compared with the previous report. Before you – the nine most expensive cities to live in the world.

9. Seoul, South Korea

Most Expensive Cities In The World

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Peruvian rock Sayhuite

On the banks of the River Apurimac in Peru for several millennia lies a stone . At the bottom is the usual size of a block of about 4×4 meters, of natural origin. Other granite slabs in the near vicinity there. However, no problem shipping the ancient stone slab to the river baffled scientists. Puzzling the top of the boulder: on its surface is made in a nutshell … the city . The artifact is called the stone stone Saiva (Sayhuite Stone).

Mystery of Peruvian rock with the layout of the city

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Tram in Bilbao – The world’s Best Tram

Some people do not know or do not want to believe that the tram – the world’s best form of public transport. “Trams noisy, slow, and do not know how to go around traffic jams!” they say. a bunch of reasons can cause such people about what modern tramway system solved all of these problems, tell them about the benefits of modern rail transport, that the tram is cute and beautiful. And you can just show them the tram in the Spanish city of Bilbao. Ya many different trams seen in the world, but I think we cant see such type of.

Tram in Bilbao - The world's Best Tram

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A unique natural phenomenon, The wave clouds on Florida beach

Here are the remarkable photos snapped by pilot JR Hott, from Panhandle Helicopters, as he flew over a fog-swamped beach in Florida. The white stuff engulfed an entire row of tall condos which line the Gulf of Mexico in Panama City Beach, giving the stunning impression of tsunami-style waves.

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New York City from the heights of skyscrapers

Navid Baraty, New York-based photographer. For a while he worked as an engineer, but soon moved to San Francisco and then to New York and became a photographer. He works in a genre of urban landscape photography. This series is dedicated to the city of New York, how it looks from a height, its streets, its habits.

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Setenil de las Bodegas — Living Under The Rock

The Spaniards in the province of Cadiz (Andalusia) rock canyon ledges, caves were able to apply for the benefit of mankind and to recreate a wonderful city, with narrow streets, different from each other, and houses built right into the rock itself. The basalt boulders of rocks in the form of rooftops remind of greatness nature. 

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Baldwin Street, The Steepest Street in the World

In many towns and cities around the world often have a steep street which costs climb on foot, but certainly nothing compared to the street Baldwin Street, the steepest street in the world and that creates very surreal and funny pictures.

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Tiete River throws a thick foam on the streets of Sao Paulo

The foam of the Tiete River pollution advances, from Monday (22), on urban areas Pirapora do Bom Jesus (54 km from Sao Paulo). The vehicular traffic came to be harmed. Other cities in Itu region also reported similar cases. The foam, and detergent, has chemicals and may be harmful to health.

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