The Beautiful female athletes of the Olympics in Rio

During the Olympics Games, more than 11 thousand athletes play 306 sets of medals in 28 sports. And among them there are many attractive girls that can please even the most demanding male eyes, the most beautiful female athletes of the Olympics in Rio.

The hottest female athletes of the Olympics in Rio

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Which beard suits you?

The best beard style for every face shape, according to Braun the full beard is the most common style of wearing the hair on face. But that doesn’t mean it works well for everyone. Braun has done extensive research on beard styles and face shapes, and the results may surprise you. Check out this handy graphic for all of Braun’s suggestions.

Which beard suits you?

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9 Ancient Step-wells of India

Water source, meeting place, architectural wonder: The ancient Indian stepwell – a man-made, subterranean well also known as ‘vav’ or ‘baori’ – has been capturing the imagination of pilgrims and travelers for centuries.

Today, many these ancient relics have been largely forgotten, and now languish in a state of decay.

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Glamorous Bus Stop In Krumbach

In the small western Austrian village of Krumbach, in Vorarlberg, built seven stops authorship of famous architects. Unbelievable? But the fact. At the opening of the new urban landmarks have invited all 992 people. Architecture is all love and appreciate, almost every family has a carpenter, joiner or a lumberjack. Even its own architectural tradition there.


Grows in Vorarlberg wonderful pine why and carpenters there a dime a dozen. But the architects of the first half of the last century is clearly lacking. After World War II was a law that gave the right to design a simple builder. Thus was born in Krumbach strange style, the authors of which were baukunstlery ( “stroyhudozhniki” literally translated from German).

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Stop, designed by designers Wang Shu and Lu Wenyu.

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Biologists explain why sunflowers turn to the Sun

A long time ago, people noticed that young sunflower flowers turn to follow the sun during the day and at night return to the starting position, to meet him again in the morning in the east. But until now, scientists were unable to uncover the mystery: what makes a plant to make your daily ritual and why over time, “worship” luminary stops?

Biologists explain why sunflowers turn to the Sun
Photo – Via

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Roof Top Art by Ella & Pitr in Montreal, Canada

Ella & Pitr spent the seventh month of year in Montreal, Canada where they create two giant on Rooftop pieces. As usual with the French duo, they created some massive works showing two of their signature sleeping giants. Hailing from Saint-Etienne in France, the duo has been perfecting their technique over the last two years. Giants can now be found all over the world, from Norway, France or Canada. Take a look at more images after the break and check back with us soon for the latest updates from North America.

Roof Top Art by Ella & Pitr in Montreal, Canada

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Strange People who look like twins

Someone collects stamps, some collect cars, But Canadian photographer François Brunelle create a series features photos of strangers who look like twins. The resemblance between these unrelated people is seriously uncanny. For his project, ironically titled I’m Not a Look-alike ( «I do not like”), it looks very similar in appearance, and relieves them of people. Despite the similarities, “twins” are not related by blood. The project has existed since 1999 and to date in Brunel portfolio of about 150 photos nonnative “clones”.

Photographs Of Strangers Who Look Like Twins

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Noah’s Ark, A Theme Park in Kentucky

Noah’s Ark is located in Williams-town, Kentucky USA. The creators claim that it is a replica of the biblical repeating its size: about 155 m long, 25 m wide and 15 m in height. Inside the building cost of 100 million euros is a museum, which exhibits explain the essence of the Biblical tradition. It is reported that the ark may even be launched.

Noah's Ark, A Theme Park in Kentucky

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Nikola Culjic | Just Wanted To Touch 3D-drawings

Nikola Chulich (Nikola Čuljić) – 30-year-old self-taught artist from Serbia. He has been painting seriously for almost 3 years and reached in this matter considerable success.Many since childhood said Nicole that he had talent, but in the past he did not feel any interest in this process.

Nikola Čuljić 3D Art

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