Girl fed the Crows, and How they answered Her

Mutual sympathy between people and birds is a rare phenomenon. But Seattle-based 8-year-old Gabi Mann, it seems, was lucky. This story began quite by accident. One day, leaving the car, the girl dropped the pack of nuggets. Crows immediately took away the delicacies and after this incident continued to spin around in the hope of getting more. Gabi often began to feed the crow with dinner, which she was wrapped up with her to school. Mother, noticing that most of the food Gabi leaves for the birds, decided to feed the crows all the time in her yard.


8-Year-old Girl fed the Crows, and How they answered Her

Girl fed the Crows, and How they answered Her ♦ Now each morning they fill in the courtyard with a drinking bowl for birds with fresh water and pour unpeeled peanuts into a specially made tray.


After the crow’s ravenous feather, shiny knick-knacks-earrings, loops, glass-balls, balls-begin to appear in the tray … Once the crows brought a piece of metal with the inscription “Best.”



Gabi Mann carefully stores “gifts” in a container for beads. Each crow “present” is neatly packed and signed.


For a girl this collection is more expensive than gold. Every thing in it brought crows.  The most amazing thing is the lost lens cap. Her mother Gabi lost a few weeks ago when she photographed eagles.


A favorite crow’s “gift” Gabi is a pearl colored heart. “It means how the birds really love me,” she says.
Source - BBC / Adme

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