Souvenirs remind us of places we have visited

Souvenirs remind us of places we have visited. Many bring magnets or postcards. The media decided to help travelers and advised the most significant things that you can give to yourself or your family.

From Italian Florence, you can bring a piece of leather : a bag, a laptop case, a strap. It is best to look for souvenirs in the market of San Lorenzo.

Souvenirs remind us of places we have visited

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Bourbon Tunnel | Naples, Italy

The world is full of forgotten places. Some of them are in fairly large cities. One of them is a tunnel with a vintage car at Naples, Italy. The entrance to this place is not far from Piazza del Plebiscito. At a depth of 30 meters is very tunnel Bourbon, which houses rare cars. The history of this place long enough and interesting.

Bourbon Tunnel Naples Italy

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Treetop Experience — A unique viewing platform in the forests of Denmark

Modern design makes wonder more and more. Recently, the Danish architectural firm EFFEKT showed observation platform project in one of Denmark’s forests. Observation platform project was named Treetop Experience. The project will be implemented in the summer of 2018. Site is located in a protected forest Gisselfeld Klosters Skov, located an hour’s drive from Koppengagena.

Treetop Experience — A unique viewing platform in the forests of Denmark

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Europe’s abandoned cooling towers

Traveling around Europe, Belgian photographer Reginald Van de Velde explore the bottom of the abandoned cooling towers and finds there the theatrical stage. He said

‘One thing that fascinates me is the fact that not a single cooling tower is the same. Each and every one of them has a unique interior design and build. They all look the same from the exterior, but with each visit to a new cooling tower I’m always surprised by a different interior, time and time again.

Europe's abandoned cooling towers

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Palmanova fortress town, The strategic location of war

Fort in the form of a star – type fortifications, which first appeared in the XV century in Italy. At that time, the medieval fortifications that were built of stone, becoming an easy target for the guns. That is why forts star began to build of brick, earth and other materials that are made to strengthen a much more powerful and have reduced the probability of failure of cannonballs.

Palmanova fortress town, The strategic location of war

City of Palmanova in Northern Italy.

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10,000 Square Meter Impressive graffiti on the mountain of Swiss Alps

We all used to seeing graffiti on city walls or in urban facades. Certainly we’re not used to seeing them on the ground, on the mountains. And yet, the street artist in the name Saype recently completed a great work of art in the mountains of the region Leysin, Switzerland. The 10,000 square meter piece depicts a peasant lying on the earth in the area, with formal attire and hands behind her head enjoying the sun.The creation was on the ground, creating the image of the terrestrial plants, while the view from above is impressive.

10,000 Square Meter Impressive graffiti on the mountain of Swiss Alps

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Photographer Kenneth Provost and Abandoned Italy

Abandoned places always attract researchers for its unique aura. Belgian photographer Kenneth Provost is one of them. From his trip to Italy, he brought not hackneyed photos of the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the mysterious pictures of abandoned places with the title ” Beautiful Italy“.

Photographer Kenneth Provost and Abandoned Italy

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Glamorous Bus Stop In Krumbach

In the small western Austrian village of Krumbach, in Vorarlberg, built seven stops authorship of famous architects. Unbelievable? But the fact. At the opening of the new urban landmarks have invited all 992 people. Architecture is all love and appreciate, almost every family has a carpenter, joiner or a lumberjack. Even its own architectural tradition there.


Grows in Vorarlberg wonderful pine why and carpenters there a dime a dozen. But the architects of the first half of the last century is clearly lacking. After World War II was a law that gave the right to design a simple builder. Thus was born in Krumbach strange style, the authors of which were baukunstlery ( “stroyhudozhniki” literally translated from German).

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Stop, designed by designers Wang Shu and Lu Wenyu.

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The oldest tree in the world is in Sweden and has 9500 years

The so – called “old Tjikko” is a spruce tree 9,500 years old and grows happily in Sweden. It was found by Professor Leif Kullman (who gave the name) in 2004 and the age of its root was determined through carbon dating 14.

The oldest tree in the world is in Sweden and has 9500 years

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