This Bad habit is useful for you

One of the worst memories for people is how they suddenly caught in eating his own snot. Even the mere thought of it silences many of us. Of course, the bugs completely natural, but they are known, are not food.

But now scientists from several universities, including Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said that parents should not discourage their kids from picking their noses. They claim that ingesting boogers is a “rich source of bacteria” and is good for the teeth.

This Bad habit is useful for you

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“The Motherland Calls!” — Who is actually depicted on the famous poster

The woman’s face depicted on the famous propaganda poster from World War II, “The Motherland Calls!” Is familiar to all. The main task of the artist Irakli Toidze was to create a generalized image of the woman-mother, in which each soldier could see his mother. Nevertheless, this image-symbol was a real prototype – Tamara Toidze.

"The Motherland Calls!": Who is actually depicted on the famous poster

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The lifeguard of Baywatch | Then and Now

It is undoubtedly one of the series that kept audiences in the ’90s. He achieved fanatical fans and to equate many actors with their roles in the series. The teenage cast with red swimsuit and adventures on the beaches of Los Angeles and grew up has changed a lot.

Yasmine Bleeth

While some cast members such as Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff often also considered familiar faces to the public, others have “faded” in our memory and we can not imagine how it is and how much has changed about 20 years after the project when it came at its peak.

See how the actress and actors have changed:

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What happen with human body after quit smoking?

Doctor Yussuf Saloojee, Executive director of the National Council Against Smoking was stated that tobacco smoke contains over 4500 chemicals, 200 of which are known poisons and 50 of which cause cancer? A series of physiological changes that happen to a smoker when he/she finally decides to quit smoking.

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