Crown Shyness, The Phenomenon of Trees Avoid Touching each other

Crown Shyness, The Phenomenon of Trees Avoid Touching each other. This phenomenon is called in English crown shyness or canopy disengagement. I have not been able to find a Dutch name for this, so I’m self-explanatory as a “shy tree trunk”. What the exact cause of this striking behavior of this, but scientists have been busy for a long time.

Crown Shyness, The particular phenomenon of shy trees

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The Unique Kabayan Fire Mummies

Mummification – Relatively well-studied ancient rite preservation of dead bodies – mostly we associate with the embalmed Egyptian mummies. However, remarkably well-preserved remains found in the Philippines, have shed light on the existence of both types of mummies – fire. Uniqueness fire Kabayan mummies that, unlike most antiquities they are still located in the natural environment. Caves, keeping them secret, have been repeatedly looted and is now considered to be the place endangered.


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The most famous mysterious crop circles in the History

The amazing and nowhere who had taken a giant crop circles – one of the unsolved mysteries of the present day. Someone explained to them the appearance of “squinting demons”, someone – an alien intervention. They can appear for the night and did not give rest for centuries.

The most famous mysterious crop circles in the History

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‘Blue Dragon’ spotted off the coast of Australia

Meet the Blue Dragon, one of the little known in the world’s strangest and most wonderful animals. The name of this creature of mythical aspect is atlanticus Glaucus, or slug blue sea, and is much smaller than his brothers fictional tradition ( it has about one or two inches in length). They spend their topsy – turvy life, attached to the surface of the water and floating at the mercy of winds and ocean currents. A blue color, it is mixed with water in order to camouflage themselves in their surroundings.

'Blue Dragon' spotted off the coast of Australia
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Padua center is home of about 200 different species of silkworms

This is an amazing creation, which has a hidden talent. It was worn by the emperors, they were paid, fought for it. Silk – the most expensive cloth in the history of mankind. The origin of this gentle sliding material shall little caterpillar – silkworm, who lives in East Asia. Initially silk production secret was known only in China, today silk industry is spread all over the world. On one of the modern factory for the breeding of silkworms visited Italian photographer Alessandro Bianchi.

Padua center is home to about 200 different species of silkworms

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600 Kilos Roman coins found in Spain

The machinery of works being carried out in the Seville town of Tomares, Spain, has brought to light on 19 Roman amphorae containing 600 kilos of bronze coins of the fourth century: a finding that archaeologists considered unique in Spain and perhaps worldwide.

600 Kilos Roman coins found in Spain

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Thai monk meditates in boiling oil pot over a campfire

A YouTube video of a monk praying quietly in a boiling oil pan recently made the rounds online, people wondering how the monk does not scream in agony with his body being cooked. Esoteric users of social media are delighted with the possibility of the capacity of Thai monk to defy physics with its “magic”. Unfortunately, skeptical scientists soon pointed out some facts that almost end up with the illusion.

Thai monk meditates in boiling oil pot over a campfire

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800-Year-Old Mobile Phone Found In Austria?

Archaeologists working in the Austrian town of Fuschl am See near Salzburg, found a unique artifact of the XIII century, resembles a mobile phone. Researchers still find it difficult to determine the true purpose of the 800-year-old subject, but Web users do not hesitate to put forward the most ambitious version.

800-Year-Old Mobile Phone Found In Austria?


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“Mr. Trash Wheel” | The Inner Harbor Water Wheel

This unusual boat, nicknamed “Mr. Trash Wheel” runs along the canals and the harbor the American city of Baltimore, cleaning debris from the water. Garbage trucks is moving slowly through the water, while the water wheel pulls out all the debris from the water. All the trash left in the tanks, and the water back into the canal.

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