Life And Death Of The Skinny Woman On The Planet

Life And Death Of The Skinny Woman On The Planet » Valeria Levitina for a long time was not the most pleasant title. She was called “the skinny woman of the planet”, and this is absolutely true. The girl struggled with anorexia for a long time, but she could not be saved.

And the most terrible thing is that she herself did not choose this destructive path of the hunger strike in the name of beauty. The fate of the girl was decided by her mother. She also controlled her food. However, like her entire daily life.

Life and death of the skinny woman on the planet

Valery Levitin was long called “the skinny woman on the planet”. Her weight was only 25 kg with a height of 171 cm.


She could have become anyone, but she was killed by fashion. The organism at all did not take heavy food and could cope only with a tiny portion of food. It was not always so bad, but the girl was taught to control the weight from the youthful nails. “Thanks” to my mother – she wanted an ideal daughter. As you can see at the age of 16 she was a normal girl:


At the age of 16 the Levitina family moved to the United States. Valeria then weighed 64 kg and already planned to lose weight in order to get approval from her peers and mother.


Once at school she was told that her priest was so fat that she could close the football goal. These words have deeply sunk in Levitina’s soul. After many years, she bitterly recalled how an ill-considered phrase can completely turn a person’s life forever.


To lose weight Valeria really succeeded. She even decided to become a model. At first everything went well, but then the girl’s weight began to fall swiftly. By the age of 24 she already weighed only 38 kg.


When the situation became critical, the girl turned to the doctors.


The prognosis was bad: the body refused to eat. And even a simple walk threatened the girl with a catastrophe – her fragile body could not survive even the slightest fall or collision with the person opposite. She could at any moment literally crumble.


Valeria wholeheartedly dreamed of gaining weight and starting a normal life: having a family, having a baby.


She began to propagate the idea of ​​love and respect for her body, but she fell in this fight.


Her body was still too weak. Valeria Levitina died on December 1, 2013. Life And Death Of The Skinny Woman On The Planet

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