Life And Death Of The Skinny Woman On The Planet

Valeria Levitin is a Russian woman who has suffered almost all her life due to anorexia. He started by wanting to lose a few kilos, now he can not raise the necessary ones to be healthy.

Life and death of the skinny woman on the planet

Life And Death Of The Skinny Woman On The Planet —

Russia.- Valeria Levitin, 40 years old, came to weigh only 26 kilos, anorexia took her to the edge of death.

Although her case terrified everyone, Valeria warns that she continues to receive emails from young people who want to be like her.

“I have received emails from young people who want me to teach them how to be like me, all the letters are from women around the age of 20 who see me as an inspiration, which is why I am campaigning against anorexia. I will teach how to die, it’s not a game, it’s not a joke, it’s your life, “Valeria explained a few years ago.


Due to the terrible experience she experienced since her adolescence, Valeria is now the leader of an international campaign against eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia.

Valeria tells that her mother always pushed her to be thin, since she was a little girl she was constantly weighed to watch that she did not raise a few kilos. Then, when she moved to the US, she felt she had to be thin to gain acceptance. Finally that took her to a vicious circle.


“I wanted to be like the others and I thought that if I lost weight it would be accepted, I started avoiding certain foods from my diet, I did not eat sugars or carbohydrates, there was a time when I fell into a vicious circle and my need to lose weight was enhanced. Now it is very complicated to recover my weight, since my body can not process some food, “said Valeria.






She began to propagate the idea of ​​love and respect for her body, but she fell in this fight.


Source | sdpnoticias


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