Charissa Littlejohn the most glamorous sergeant of US Air Force

Charissa Littlejohn change here life in very unusual way. After school, she became a successful American model, she quickly got bored with fashion and glossy life . Charissa decided to make a sharp turn and give back to their homeland. For five years she has served in the US Air Force, base in Japan. Back at home, she received a master’s degree of medicine, and now she is trying here career in photography. How’s she fits in so many diverse interests, Yes because of while-power. It  is unclear, but one thing we know about Charissa that she is really beautiful as well as with beautiful mind.

Charissa Littlejohn the most glamorous sergeant of US Air Force

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Russian Kim Kardashian, Anastasia Kvitko

After the of post model Juliya Lavrova, One more Russian Kim Kardashian – Anastasia Kvitko no secret of its qualities. However, shy of magnificent forms now generally not accepted – thanks to Kim Kardashian, bre@st paving the way skaters girls in show business and fashion. Twenty-one year and more than Five million fans on Instagram – Anastasia’s popularity is growing every day. Media call it “Russian Kim,” but she believes that it is much better than the American TV star.


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Hoodia Diop – The dark-skinned model in the world

Meet the most famous Senegalese model, her name is Hoodia Diop, for extremely black skin color, she received the nickname of “the goddess of melanin.”Her skin has such a rich black color that it seems that it is colored artificially.

Hoodia Diop - The dark-skinned model in the world

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Which beard suits you?

The best beard style for every face shape, according to Braun the full beard is the most common style of wearing the hair on face. But that doesn’t mean it works well for everyone. Braun has done extensive research on beard styles and face shapes, and the results may surprise you. Check out this handy graphic for all of Braun’s suggestions.

Which beard suits you?

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Appetizing dresses made out of food

Food Fashion, Armenian designer and illustrator named Edgar Artis proved that mouth-watering can be not only a girl, but their dresses. For its painted beauties Edgar creates creative and culinary dresses of different foods. Fantasy artist truly limitless as to create costumes he uses are completely different products: chocolate, popcorn, jelly beans M & M’S, honey, butter, french fries, etc.

Appetizing dresses made out of food

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Incredible swimwear for girls fans of the series “Doctor Who”

Black Milk Australian company has decided to create a collection of swimsuits and beach dresses based on the very popular TV series “Doctor Who”. If you have friends who like the series, such a gift sure they love it!

Black Milk Australian company, Incredible gift for the female fans of the series "Doctor Who".

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The History of the Bra

The modern woman without a bra as a shoemaker without shoes. This accessory has become such an integral part of the women’s toilet, it’s hard to find a replacement. It is a kind of symbol of femininity and sexuality. Today, the lady of any build and form opens as a rich selection of lingerie that right eye run.

But the case with women’s bra at the origins of the story? Youtube/Glamour Magazine posted a video, a beautiful model in two minutes to show the bra in the past 500 years of the evolution process.  As the creators of the movie managed to put the whole story of the women’s indispensable little things in a couple of minutes? I do not know, it is not a question for us, but it was incredibly cool.

Small Breasts  was considered a sign of aristocracy, so women tightly wrapped chest cloth.

The History of the Bra
The evolution of the bra over the past 500 years in just two minutes

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Super slim Swedish model Agnes Hedengard hit the fashion industry

19-year-old Swedish model Agnes Hedengård published online video, which has demonstrated its slender body. Her body mass index – 17.5, though the rate begins with 18.5, but the work can not find it – most of the major modeling agencies find it too thick.

Swedish model Agnes Hedengård
Skinny Swedish model told she’s ‘too big for the industry’

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