Plastic Surf — Digital Photography by Weston Fuller

The American photographer Weston Fuller has carried out the project “PLASTIC SURF” , a series of conceptual images made on the Southern coast of California, in order to raise awareness about the pollution of the environment, specifically that of the oceans.

Plastic Surf — Digital Photography by Weston Fuller
Female surfer paddles to shore among a sea of floating plastic cups, straws and lids, which are found scattered across the beach and floating in the water. Conceptual photograph to help bring awareness to the amount of plastic polluting the beaches and water along our coastlines.

Photographs manipulated, where plastic objects are juxtaposed in surf scenarios, the reason for this project as mentioned by Weston Fuller is:

“Each individual is responsible for taking care of himself and the environment … the photos show the problem that landscapes and The passion for surfing could suffer with pollution, if we are not responsible. “

A very cool project that calls for reflection on how responsible we are with the environment, for more details of the project and work of Weston Fuller visit his portfolio Behance .

Art Direction & Digital Photography Plastic Surf by Weston Fuller

Plastic Bags

Plastic Surf A Creative Digital Photography & Art Direction By Weston Fuller

Plastic Trash

Plastic Bottles


Plastic Yokes

Plastic Containers

Source: Behance / Abduzeedo / Uiconstock / Images: PLASTIC SURF


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