The City of Chewing Gum

The City of Chewing Gum, Worship and “sticking” with chewing gums have the Mexicans, to the extent they consume about 1.5kg a year, everyone! And it’s not just the madness to chew them but they throw them where they find filling the most unlikely places in Mexico city downtown to Francisco I Madero Avenue.

The City of Chewing Gum, Mexico City

In fact, the local authorities have set up a special chewing gum cleaning team with machines called “exterminators” to wash the premises and remove the chewing gum.

Chewing gum has been loved in Mexico since the 1860s when it was imported from the United States.

Today, Mexicans continue to chew at a steady pace and are second to drink, behind the Americans. Bleached chewing gums are stuck on pavements, squares, statues, walls, and even trees.

Cleaning staff are equipped with … atmospheric and dry steam guns, but they can not do much, as the bulk of chewing gums is enormous. Typically, a team of 15 municipality employees occasionally go out and work on eight-hour shifts, overnight to clean a main road.

It is impressive that in a dash she had gathered about 11,000 pieces of chewed chewing gum! Competent and environmental organizations point out that chewing gum, in addition to a form of pollution, is also a health hazard.
As reported in statistics, more than 40,000 different species of bacteria, including Salmonella and E. coli, were found in Mexico’s thrushes! Of course, there is a risk of contaminated chewing gums for wildlife, especially birds, which are able to swallow and drown them.
In Mexico, residents do not follow the flow of mastic trees, but prefer synthetic, colorful and various chewing gums made in factories. Respondents believe that a solution would be to promote a biodegradable chewing gum, and suggest that a tax or those who chew them be swallowed instead of flying them …

The bottom line is that in Mexico, as well as in US cities like Seattle, war has been erupting for years, for one thing that is unthinkable for us. For chewing gum …







Source: Guardian / Mother Nature Network


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