Charissa Littlejohn the most glamorous sergeant of US Air Force

Charissa Littlejohn change here life in very unusual way. After school, she became a successful American model, she quickly got bored with fashion and glossy life . Charissa decided to make a sharp turn and give back to their homeland. For five years she has served in the US Air Force, base in Japan. Back at home, she received a master’s degree of medicine, and now she is trying here career in photography. How’s she fits in so many diverse interests, Yes because of while-power. It  is unclear, but one thing we know about Charissa that she is really beautiful as well as with beautiful mind.

Charissa Littlejohn the most glamorous sergeant of US Air Force

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Life of Afghanistan in 1960s

These fascinating photographs of Afghanistan in the 1960s [before Taliban] are far from the harrowing images from the current war in that country because of the Taliban , who came to power in 1996. According to the “Daily Mail“, the revealing images were taken by Bill Podlich , that changed life in America to travel to Kabul with his wife, Margaret, and two teenage daughters, Jan and Peg. The images were taken in 1967 when the university professor was part of Unesco and worked at the Higher Teachers College Kabul. He was an amateur photographer and set out to document their way of life in Afghanistan .

Afghanistan in the 60s before the conflict
Jan and Peg Podlich in Paghman Gardens that war destroyed (Photo: Dr William Podlich )

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10 Shocking Photos of showing the darkest pages of history

Sometimes one picture can replace a thousand words. Pictures collected in our survey, circled at one time the whole world, but it does not make the event, which depicted them less scary. All images are imbued with an atmosphere of terror, and should be a reminder to mankind that such things should not be repeated.

10 Shocking Photos of showing the darkest pages of history

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Bird’s-Eye View of Changing Seasons In Sweden

Photographer Tobias Hägg captures the different seasons of the year in his native Sweden with the help of drones. Tobias photographed landscapes near his home in the city of Eskilstuna, as well as in national parks and lake edges Sweden.

Concrete pier, located on a rock promontory on Knappelskär.

Bird's-Eye View of Changing Seasons In Sweden

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Natascha Encinosa and Chun-Li Street Fighter

Miami fitness model Natascha Encinosa the millions of internet viewer on Instagram.  Encinosa mostly shares pics of her fit body and workouts, but on this Valentine’s Day she posted something a very different. She showed off her thighs in a way that resembled Chun Li from “Street Fighter,” and fans went wild.

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Rare and beautiful photos of Flying Peacocks

Their amazing plumage and impressive formation does not pass unnoticed and this bird appealing to the eye of the beholder.  The National Bird of India, is a colorful, swan-sized bird, with a fan-shaped crest of feathers, a white patch under the eye and a long, slender neck. The magnificent feathers are the focus wherever the meet. But to imagine how these beautiful birds when they fly? Rare to see flying a peacock, since it occurs only in case of danger, so when the camera lens captures and that capacity is witness to its rare beauty.

Rare and beautiful photos of Peacocks

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The lifeguard of Baywatch | Then and Now

It is undoubtedly one of the series that kept audiences in the ’90s. He achieved fanatical fans and to equate many actors with their roles in the series. The teenage cast with red swimsuit and adventures on the beaches of Los Angeles and grew up has changed a lot.

Yasmine Bleeth

While some cast members such as Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff often also considered familiar faces to the public, others have “faded” in our memory and we can not imagine how it is and how much has changed about 20 years after the project when it came at its peak.

See how the actress and actors have changed:

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Female Faces around the world

South African photographer Mike Mike has created a project called The Face of Tomorrow. Traveling the world, he photographed strangers from 40 different countries, and then with the help of a special computer program processes the images and their group noted similarities.

Femal Faces around the worldFemal Faces around the world

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10 Hollywood Celebs With The Beautiful Daughters

These girls definitely lucky to be born in the families of celebrities, but let’s be honest – with the appearance they would not have gone without famous parents. In some cases the similarity of the face, in other – not really, but in any case, these 10 beauties are the pride of their star moms and dads.

10 Hollywood Celebs With The Beautiful Daughters

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