Harrod Blank’s Van covered with Camera

Californian Artist Harrod Blank had a dream, he travels down the street in the bus , and want to know more about  the side scenes and passers expressions. Blank decided to make a dream come true. The company friends-enthusiasts built the bus for two years and finally in 1995 the van left the garage, and Harrod Blank make a small tour from California to New York, yes the van is loaded with camera all across the exterior shell and capturing shorts  of every angles.

Harrod Blank's Van covered with Camera

This time Harrod Blank move to Canada, now he was documenting the perplexed looks, astounded faces, and pointing observer with the cameras attached onto the van.

He was not stopping his van starring, even his tour to to Great Britain and Germany to collect more different faces with extraordinary expressions of his attention-grabbing creation. Camera Van has traveled in different festivals for 20 years and brings joy to people. Lets check his more images on Blank’s website.










Source – Mymodernmet

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