Rodrigo Alves after 58 Surgery

The Brazilian Rodrigo Alves has a very interesting life story. Briefly it can be described in one sentence: “What is fanaticism and how to deal with it.” Probably, in his childhood he revised the Disney cartoons or his parents gave him too many Barbie and Ken. Growing up, the man decided to turn himself into a living doll. He has done many experiments with his body.

Rodrigo suffered from plus 50 plastic surgeries for seventeen long years. Rodrigo Alves has treated with 42 operations to look like ‘Barbie’s Ken’. Rodrigo has operated ten nose jobs, appropriate  butt lift, silicone chest implanting, no 6 pack he has eight pack abs and hair implants. “Rodrigo Alves is a Human Ken Doll” Rodrigo Alves is known for his plastic surgeries and massive changing of his body style. For what? Now he is exactly like his plastic idol. But everything is in order.

Rodrigo Alves after 58 plastic surgery

As a child, Rodrigo was an ordinary child. But the boys often mocked his appearance. Children, they are like that. One day they even stuck his face in the urinal, for an ostensibly overly wide nose. Soon the boy turned into a pretty pretty boy. Is not that so, handsome? And even with a hot Latin American temperament.



At the age of 17, he was diagnosed with gynecomastia (an enlargement of the breast in men with hypertrophy of glands and adipose tissue). The operation to remove unnecessary tissues was surprisingly successful. And then he decided … A series of surgical interventions was carried out.

A couple more photos before the operations, too, nothing, but there are attempts to experiment with the color of the hair. And that, blue-eyed blondes always attracted women.



But the body of Rodrigo Alves a little started. Now it is clear why he suddenly became terrified of himself – and immediately under the knife.


Operations, operations and once again operations …. Expensive, dangerous and painful. Are they worth it?





It becomes a little creepy …



Despite the fact that today in the body of Rodrigo Alves, there is nothing to fix, he does not stop.






Now he is looks like this. Unnatural, of course. If you think that these beautiful cubes are the result of hard work in the hall, you are mistaken. It’s silicone. On the abdomen, in the chest, and on the arms instead of biceps and triceps. I wonder what they feel?




And from the outer to the inner – What is most interesting is the lifestyle that this person leads. Initially, Rodrigo worked as a flight attendant. Now he has her own TV show – one in the United States, another in the UK. “Ken” travels a lot, often hangs at parties and nightclubs. He spends the most time on Selfie. This is it all!






The man is not completely healthy. The doctors confirmed that he was diagnosed with dysmorphophobia. He has a mental disorder, in which a person is overly concerned about even a minor defect or a peculiarity of his body.

The Americans decided to make Rodrigo Alves as a ambassador of Aesthetic Academy in the United States. Earth is full of miracles!

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