The Fluffy Bunny in the World, Angora Rabbit

Angora rabbits – outstanding representatives of the rabbit family, characterized by soft fluffy pile. This is a general name for all breeds with improved fluffiness. They are bred for decorative purposes,  as pets, as well as a source of long delicate fur, from which the pleasant touch of angora wool. Angora is perfectly suited to the home environment, which makes them popular pets of many animal lovers.

Their weight is 2-6 kg, it all depends on the breed. For those rabbits needed tender care, with the result that they can live 5-7 years. Keep animals of this breed is better indoors, which also affects the lifespan.

Angora Rabbit - The Fluffy Bunny in the World

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Photo Ark by Joel Sartore

According to the Bible, Noah’s Ark vessel was built by Noah at God’s command for salvation from the Flood, his family and all the animals (a pair of each species). Photographer Joel Sartore for 10 consecutive years, documenting the biological diversity of our world.By analogy with Noah’s Ark, the project is called Photo-Ark. Already filmed 5600 animals from selected 12 000 birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.

01. A miniature fox Fenech peculiar appearance, which lives in the deserts of North Africa. His name was the small animal from the Arabic word fanak, which means “fox.” (Photo by Joel Sartore | National Geographic)

Photo Ark by Joel Sartore

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‘Blue Dragon’ spotted off the coast of Australia

Meet the Blue Dragon, one of the little known in the world’s strangest and most wonderful animals. The name of this creature of mythical aspect is atlanticus Glaucus, or slug blue sea, and is much smaller than his brothers fictional tradition ( it has about one or two inches in length). They spend their topsy – turvy life, attached to the surface of the water and floating at the mercy of winds and ocean currents. A blue color, it is mixed with water in order to camouflage themselves in their surroundings.

'Blue Dragon' spotted off the coast of Australia
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People and animals in the photographs of Flora Borsi

Hungarian photographer Flora Borsi produced a stunning series of self-portraits “ANIMAEYED”. Each image is original in that girl’s right eye replaces the animal’s eyes. Even more surreal it gives the make-up and props to help the girl to be like the animals themselves. Creativity Flora is already known to the world: her work has been exhibited in the Louvre and the Saatchi Gallery.

People and animals in the photographs of Flora Borsi

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Argan Tree Goats of Morocco

Morocco is the only country in the world where domestic goats graze off the ground and in the trees. This is not some kind of special, capable of levitating rock – is the most common, almost standard goats. The trees they graze, because the land is quite arid and lush grass for the goats’ food is just not enough.

Tree Goats of Morocco

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10 Unpredictable Mating Results of Dog Breeds

Crossing dog breeds – is not a new phenomenon, it happens by itself, but its also happens when scientists just want to do any experiment. It seems very special, but it is difficult to imagine what puppies can be born. Can you imagine, if hybrid of Husky and a pit bull? If not, then today we show you what wonderful dogs can be born if their mothers and fathers are completely different.

1. Husky + Golden Retriever

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15 Awesome Horses

There are a lot of beautiful horse breeds in the world, but I select only took 15 of them, they are domesticated for thousands of years, and in that time we’ve had a chance to influence some extraordinary breeds. I don’t know which one is the best, but it seem all are best and beautiful.

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