R Jack Foley, A True Fashion Icon

In the age of 50 plus, Ron Jack Foley become a true fashion icon, he blessed with confident eyes and perfect body structure. Naturally, girls and guys are going nuts for him. He shows that age cant stop the spirit of lifestyle, But you must be fit first, mentally and psychically.

Handsome 51 Years old Ron Jack Foley

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Instagram Celebrity — Saloni Sehra

After the post Ketika Sharma, we’ll find many divas on social media but today we are talking about Saloni Sehra, ya she is different. She being the Miss Fresh Face or Campus Princess Miss Delhi, While mostly girls believe in exposing but she is innocent and cute. Her pics are bright and full with colors but her eyes are not contacting with camera lens, the beautiful and pure traditional Indian eyes. She is one of the reasons why Kalindi college is known for it’s beauties.

Saloni Sehra — Instagram Celebrity

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Instagram Celebrity — Ketika Sharma

22 years old Ketika Sharma is an Actress, singer and a model. But i haven’t seen on screen yet. But she is popular on social site on internet and I also follow on Instagram. She is looking gorgeous and stunning. A Delhi girl done here school from La Martiniere Girls College of Lucknow, India and completed her graduation from Miranda House of Delhi University. She love to dance, singing and Gymming to maintain her body.

Ketika Sharma On Instagram

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Tianna Gregory, US famous and professional model

Tianna Gregory, american famous and professional model whose career took off Instagram after posting photos of herself on the web. She has modeled for magazines, calendars, posters, and clothing lines. She headed to Los Angeles, California to pursue her career in modeling after two years of college.

Tianna Gregory, US famous and professional model

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Life of Afghanistan in 1960s

These fascinating photographs of Afghanistan in the 1960s [before Taliban] are far from the harrowing images from the current war in that country because of the Taliban , who came to power in 1996. According to the “Daily Mail“, the revealing images were taken by Bill Podlich , that changed life in America to travel to Kabul with his wife, Margaret, and two teenage daughters, Jan and Peg. The images were taken in 1967 when the university professor was part of Unesco and worked at the Higher Teachers College Kabul. He was an amateur photographer and set out to document their way of life in Afghanistan .

Afghanistan in the 60s before the conflict
Jan and Peg Podlich in Paghman Gardens that war destroyed (Photo: Dr William Podlich )

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10 Shocking Photos of showing the darkest pages of history

Sometimes one picture can replace a thousand words. Pictures collected in our survey, circled at one time the whole world, but it does not make the event, which depicted them less scary. All images are imbued with an atmosphere of terror, and should be a reminder to mankind that such things should not be repeated.

10 Shocking Photos of showing the darkest pages of history

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The lifeguard of Baywatch | Then and Now

It is undoubtedly one of the series that kept audiences in the ’90s. He achieved fanatical fans and to equate many actors with their roles in the series. The teenage cast with red swimsuit and adventures on the beaches of Los Angeles and grew up has changed a lot.

Yasmine Bleeth

While some cast members such as Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff often also considered familiar faces to the public, others have “faded” in our memory and we can not imagine how it is and how much has changed about 20 years after the project when it came at its peak.

See how the actress and actors have changed:

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Craig Gibson Photo Project “Boys and their fathers”

British photographer Craig Gibson captures an uncanny resemblance between fathers and their sons, combining them by imposing portraits for your photo project «Boys and their fathers». A collection of images created by the hands of Craig, show us the power of genetic relationship between the closest relatives. First photo shows a picture of each person individually, and then combines portraits, to demonstrate their phenomenal similarity.

Craig Gibson Photo Project "Boys and their Fathers"

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