Beautiful Israeli Girls who serve in the Army

Beautiful Israeli women who serve in the army

We have already written about the girls serving in the army of Israel. Take a look at these posts: Israeli army Girls,Israeli Model Maria Domark, Kim Mellibovsky | The Beautiful Soldier of Israeli Army.

But here we found an instagram account dedicated to girls in the military service of Israel, and decided that their photos do not happen much. See how cute, organic and feminine they are – even in uniform.

Beautiful Israeli Girls who serve in the Armygirls-defense-israel-002girls-defense-israel-003girls-defense-israel-004girls-defense-israel-005girls-defense-israel-006girls-defense-israel-007girls-defense-israel-008girls-defense-israel-009girls-defense-israel-010girls-defense-israel-011girls-defense-israel-012girls-defense-israel-013girls-defense-israel-014

Source | Instagram

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