10 simple habits that make us more attractive

Beauty in appearance and manliness. Attractiveness is something that we radiate from within within a lifetime. Being attractive emotionally, spiritually and mentally is just as important as having external beauty. Daily love, mutual help are habits that will make you more attractive in the eyes of others.

There are several different ways to properly treat yourself and the outside world, which can make you more attractive, both inside and out. The confidence that you radiate is attractive to others, so it is very important to saturate this internal resource.

So, here are the 10 most simple daily habits that make you more attractive:

1. Deep communication with people

Deep communication with people

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12 Most Luxurious Tourist Train VIP-World

Train lovers – a special category of travelers. When traveling by train, especially over long distances, they find their romance. Especially if such a journey passes through the exciting route in a luxurious setting, with stops along the way and overnight stays in luxurious hotels and exclusive excursions.EDAC cruises by rail.

So what are these VIP-train, and how much it costs them a ride?


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10 Worlds Largest Clocks

People around the world are increasingly looking at the clock, not to miss an important point. Time – that is what seems to be starting to go faster on the eve of any event or important work, but speed never change of these ten dials of the clock  … never change the size of time.

10. Colgate Clock, Indiana, United States

The world's largest clocks, and where to find them

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9 Most Expensive Cities In The World

Each year, the research unit of The Economist publishes two reports – of the most expensive and cheapest cities to live in the world. The first report, which is called the Worldwide Cost of Living, considered factors such as the price of food, fuel and income levels. Due to the strengthening of the US dollar and the devaluation of national currencies of other countries in the rankings this year, one can observe a major change compared with the previous report. Before you – the nine most expensive cities to live in the world.

9. Seoul, South Korea

Most Expensive Cities In The World

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Top 12 Most Smart and Beautiful Women Scientists

Popularity among the so called “nerds” is growing rapidly. Modern society in another way was to look at smart people, preferring the intellect, not muscle mass and long legs. It is also worth noting that the stereotype that scientists could not be found among the beautiful girls long been dispelled. Confirmation serve our selection.

Top 12 Most Beautiful Women Scientists

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12 Foods That Damage Your Teeth

Some foods are especially bad for your teeth, and we know about it but we continue eating, today  we compiled this list of foods to avoid if you want to keep those dental visits to a minimum. keep your teeth healthy by avoiding these five foods.


The most harmful for teeth are berries cranberries and currants. They contain large amounts of sugar and acid. Acids – destroy the enamel and sugar stimulates the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay.


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10 World’s Largest Countries

10 largest countries in the world in terms of land area. We exclude Antarctica (14.0 million square kilometres), because there are no permanent human residents, but anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 people reside throughout the year at the research stations scattered across the continent and which would be in the second position right now. Here are10 Biggest countries in the world.

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10 tallest buildings in Europe

As you know, the tallest buildings in Europe are not even in the top twenty global giants. So, the first European giant occupies in the world ranking only 26th place. It is noteworthy that the majority of Europe’s highest skyscrapers in the capital of Russia – Moscow. Which buildings are the top ten – read our review.

10th place

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10 Oldest Bodybuilder

Speaking of the “people of retirement age,” the first thing that comes to mind – grandmother near the entrance, and old men playing dominoes in the park. But old age can be quite different. In this collection the story of 10 people, some of them in his 70 years look better than many 30.The compilation deliberately does not mention “stars” such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Hulk Hogan and others. For many like to blame Hollywood actors, preserving good shape to old age, that they sit exclusively on plastic surgery, hormones, etc. Therefore, only athletes and ordinary people. So there you go.

01. Svetozar Nikochevich (60 Years).

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10 Old Aged Bodybuilders

Montenegrin athlete giant nicknamed “Kika”. He has, as he claims, the largest in the Old Continent volume of hands, which is comparable with the model of women’s waist – 55 cm. In power sports Kika came at age 30 when, after injury had to say goodbye to football. In Podgorica, in Nikochevicha a gym, and students – to match it, for example, the famous Montenegrin kick boxer Ivan Strugar.

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The Five Most Expensive Apartments in the World

When the United States experienced an era of “Roaring Twenties”, in New York, a slight movement of thought the idea that life on the top floor of a skyscraper – it is an indispensable attribute of success. And now, almost 100 years, similar apartments around the world are not simply a synonym for boundless security, but also the most expensive apartment that you can imagine. The biggest of the penthouses can occupy an area of ​​hundreds and even thousands of square meters, have a private elevator, terraces and even private pools on the roof. Such housing is ready to easily compete with the houses and mansions of its value, and according to the degree of comfort and amenity possible to easily give odds to any five-star hotel. Prices are also relevant – such apartments can cost their owners hundreds of millions of dollars. We found five of the most expensive apartments of the world and seeing what they are ready to surprise their customers and how much they have to pay.

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