The Louvre Abu Dhabi is approaching its grand opening

A new conversation on humanity, and the similarities that connect us all. Its incredible buildings have become known to the whole world: the Ferrari Park, glass skyscrapers, palaces, huge gardens, etc. This city is amazing in its scope. Millions of tourists visit this wonderful city of the desert every year. Hotels in Abu Dhabi are real palaces with marble and gilding. Coming here, you seem to fall into a wake in reality. Everyone who has ever visited this city wants to go back again and again. And it’s not surprising. After all, Abu Dhabi offers more and more new facilities. Among such and incredible museum of the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is approaching its grand opening

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Kampung Pelangi, The Colorful village of Indonesia

The village of Kampung Pelangi, is probably one of the most colorful and attractive villages in the Indonesia, Once the Indonesian village of Kampung Wonosari looked very inconspicuously with its gray-white houses and the same brown roofs. However, it was renamed Kampung Pelangi, which literally translates as “Rainbow Village”, because it really has become a by painting all 232 settlement houses in all colors of the rainbow, and supplementing them with bright pictures.

Colorful village in Indonesia, Kampung Pelangi

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Noah’s Ark, A Theme Park in Kentucky

Noah’s Ark is located in Williams-town, Kentucky USA. The creators claim that it is a replica of the biblical repeating its size: about 155 m long, 25 m wide and 15 m in height. Inside the building cost of 100 million euros is a museum, which exhibits explain the essence of the Biblical tradition. It is reported that the ark may even be launched.

Noah's Ark, A Theme Park in Kentucky

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The Painted Ladies – San Francisco

Wonderful and colorful Victorian homes are located in several areas of San Francisco, in the western and southern parts of the city. The most famous place where they are located in a row, is the street Steiner is now on the revival of these houses with a fancy name”Painted ladie” around this American city.

The Painted Ladies of San Francisco

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A unique natural phenomenon, The wave clouds on Florida beach

Here are the remarkable photos snapped by pilot JR Hott, from Panhandle Helicopters, as he flew over a fog-swamped beach in Florida. The white stuff engulfed an entire row of tall condos which line the Gulf of Mexico in Panama City Beach, giving the stunning impression of tsunami-style waves.

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The Grand Show on the Walls of Empire State Building | Leo Cecil and endangered animals

On Saturday 1st of August, the most famous city skyscrapers of New York, Empire State Building, one night turned into a huge screen on which to project images of wild animals, endangered. Many residents and visitors of Manhattan could see 160 species, among them the blue whale snow leopard, gorilla, rays and many others. The composition is completed 106-meter projection of the African lion Cecil, who was recently shot a dentist from the US.

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A farm on the roof of a building in New York

An old office building in Long Island, New York, was renovated by the people of Bromley Caldari Architects to use less energy and be more environmentally friendly. The project cost 10 million dollars and among all the changes created a farm of about 4,000 square meters on the roof of the building. About 450 kilos of land were taken to the roof in order to create one of the largest agricultural systems located on a roof. Besides producing food garden this agricultural delivery of shelter and relax, for both humans and birds, besides being an ecological contribution to the city.

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