Israeli army Girls

During a recent trip of New York Photographer Maya Toledano made a very intimate series of beautiful pictures of the girls of Israeli army. Thus the she would like to return part of her youth – a time when she served as the Maya, and was deprived of all cultural symbols “femininity”.

The concept of gender, nationality or personality differences had to disappear from the life of a girl for the duration of compulsory service in the Israeli army – national identity was in the first place.

Israeli army Girls

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The Beautiful female athletes of the Olympics in Rio

During the Olympics Games, more than 11 thousand athletes play 306 sets of medals in 28 sports. And among them there are many attractive girls that can please even the most demanding male eyes, the most beautiful female athletes of the Olympics in Rio.

The hottest female athletes of the Olympics in Rio

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Incredible swimwear for girls fans of the series “Doctor Who”

Black Milk Australian company has decided to create a collection of swimsuits and beach dresses based on the very popular TV series “Doctor Who”. If you have friends who like the series, such a gift sure they love it!

Black Milk Australian company, Incredible gift for the female fans of the series "Doctor Who".

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The Barbie face and The Muscle of Julia Vins from Saratov

Huge eyes half-face, full lips and a mop of curly hair – about the face of Julia Vins and I want to say, “the girl such a girl.” And now omit the eyes as follows: biceps, triceps, cubes on the belly and the back … all mountain terrain. 

The girl from Saratov-Russia,  can pick up and lift over the head of the adult man, even two if they are not too well-fed. In training, the athlete with the puppet face lifts in the bench press 100 kilograms in the dead-lift 160-180 kilogram, sit down – 170 kg. This doll itself weighs only 10st 21lb And she’s only 18 years old!

The Barbie face and Ken muscles of Julia Vince from Saratov

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Top 12 Most Smart and Beautiful Women Scientists

Popularity among the so called “nerds” is growing rapidly. Modern society in another way was to look at smart people, preferring the intellect, not muscle mass and long legs. It is also worth noting that the stereotype that scientists could not be found among the beautiful girls long been dispelled. Confirmation serve our selection.

Top 12 Most Beautiful Women Scientists

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