Kurpaty Sanatorium of Crimea

The resort architecture has always been a territory of freedom for Soviet architects. Ever since the Stalinist era sanatorium functioned as Soviet “paradise on earth” – the place where they were to strive to get all workers. Therefore, even in the days of struggle against the excesses of the various agencies do not skimp on building palaces for the rest of their employees, and resort construction enables architects to get away from the general line.

So in 1980, the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia trade union leadership decided to build a joint boarding house “Friendship” in the Crimea for the working people of the two countries. Czechs wanted to pension was located in a place where they took a romantic youth – on the Golden Beach. But in those years has been built on the coast, there was only a narrow piece of territory with a 40-degree slope between the road and the sea …

Sanatorium "Kurpaty" or a flying saucer in the Crimea

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Office Building textured with a curtain wall Glazing in California

Studio Belzberg Architects updated the office building of the company Gores Group in Beverly Hills. The main advantage of the project are three-dimensional glass panels with unusual shapes. The most ubiquitous response to the needs of a typical commercial office building is to clad it with a curtain wall glazing system. This project is an interrogation of the pervasive use of standard storefront or curtain wall glazing for this application and its subsequent effect on the surrounding urban environment.

Office building with textured glazing in California

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The world’s most unusual pools

Monitor your health – not only easy, but also enjoyable. If you want to strengthen the immune system, lose weight and improve their health, not necessarily to torture yourself in the gym or running in the morning.Remember how you loved to splash in the water as a child. It does not matter whether the bathroom with ducks, a river in the village or the clear blue sea. Water always gives a lot of positive emotions and helps to improve their health.

Doctors around the world acknowledge that diving has a beneficial effect on the entire human body. Especially useful it is for correction. Water aerobics is considered more effective than usual. When driving in water, activated more muscle groups, so the impact on the figure has more uniform character. Because of the water formed in proportion to the figure.

1. Hotel “Ubud Hanging Gardens Resort”, Bali, Indonesia.

Hotel "Ubud Hanging Gardens Resort", Bali, Indonesia.

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9 Ancient Step-wells of India

Water source, meeting place, architectural wonder: The ancient Indian stepwell – a man-made, subterranean well also known as ‘vav’ or ‘baori’ – has been capturing the imagination of pilgrims and travelers for centuries.

Today, many these ancient relics have been largely forgotten, and now languish in a state of decay.

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Glamorous Bus Stop In Krumbach

In the small western Austrian village of Krumbach, in Vorarlberg, built seven stops authorship of famous architects. Unbelievable? But the fact. At the opening of the new urban landmarks have invited all 992 people. Architecture is all love and appreciate, almost every family has a carpenter, joiner or a lumberjack. Even its own architectural tradition there.


Grows in Vorarlberg wonderful pine why and carpenters there a dime a dozen. But the architects of the first half of the last century is clearly lacking. After World War II was a law that gave the right to design a simple builder. Thus was born in Krumbach strange style, the authors of which were baukunstlery ( “stroyhudozhniki” literally translated from German).

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Stop, designed by designers Wang Shu and Lu Wenyu.

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The Painted Ladies – San Francisco

Wonderful and colorful Victorian homes are located in several areas of San Francisco, in the western and southern parts of the city. The most famous place where they are located in a row, is the street Steiner is now on the revival of these houses with a fancy name”Painted ladie” around this American city.

The Painted Ladies of San Francisco

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Sea Organ Zadar, Croatia

Unique 70-meter sea organ in the Croatian city of Zadar and creates a soothing and harmonizing sounds, using wind and waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Maritime Authority developed a Croatian architect Nikola Bašić. Unusual musical instrument open to the public since 2005. Sea waves and wind currents penetrate the structure through the openings in the lower level of the embankment, which are sent to the resonating chamber. Sounds of these cameras come out through the holes along the upper stages. This place in Zadar is popular among tourists and locals.

sea organ in the Croatian city of Zadar and creates a soothing and harmonizing sounds, using wind and waters of the Adriatic Sea.

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1865 Public Urinals in Paris by Charles Marville

In the early 1850s, Napoleon III commissioned the urban planner Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann, the task of making Paris the most modern city in the world. At that time, the city was just like in the Middle Ages. Charles-François Bossu says Marville (1818 – 1879) was a French photographer known for his photographs of Paris before the great works of Haussmann that transformed the capital.

Public urinals on the street of Paris in 1865
Urinal sextuplace, theater Ambigu, c. 1875

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Luxury hotel in old Airplane Ilyushin 18

The plane Ilyushin 18 was built in 1960, which is almost 40 meters long. In its first years. A fantastic view of the platform and runway at Teuge airport, Netherlands. it served as a government plane for the DDR top dogs, including Erich Honecker. From 1964 to 1986 Interflug, an East-German airline company, used it for flights to countries like Cuba, Russia, China and Vietnam. It could accommodate a total of 120 passengers and a four-man crew in the cockpit. After the German unification the plane served as a restaurant for 15 years until it was acquired by Hotelsuites.nl in 2007.

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