Kim Mellibovsky | The Beautiful Soldier of Israeli Army

In Israel military service is compulsory to covers both men and women. At the age of 18, all citizens are obliged to appear for physically and mentally challenged. Services can only be saved for religious reasons. The women rights are equal to men to serve in any role in the Israel Defense Forces. As of now, 88% to 92% of all roles in the IDF are open to female candidates, while women can be found in 69% of all positions.

Every year, there are about 30,000 women, each of whom is referred to as ” The Army Corps, where she holds a 5-week training and mandatory service is 24 months for women, 32 months for men. Then the soldiers become flight controllers, nurses, drivers, radio operators or instructors.

One of them, Kim Mellibovsky in her leisure time, she is most interested in doing selfie. Its appearance could serve as a distraction tactic, and the pictures on which they boast their perfect figure have already become a hit on Instagram. On most of them, Kim poses in bikini, but she also likes to get gorgeous poses in uniform.

See pictures of the most beautiful Israeli soldier. Is there a chance for a career in the army?

Kim Mellibovsky | The Beautiful Soldier of Israeli Army

  • Kim Mellibovsky, The Beautiful Soldier of Israeli Army

  • Israeli army girl Kim Mellibovsky is an Instagram star

  • Israeli army Girl

  • Beautiful Israeli army Girl

  • Female soldier of Israel army

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Source: DailyMail / Wikpedia | Photo – First & Last

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