The World’s Largest Tree Relocation Machine

Making the landscape after the construction of large public buildings is always in demand in the market among construction companies. The fact that a relatively young trees are transported by special machines known in my all, and how to move a large tree 35 meters high at the age of 75 years?

Moving and Transplanting Trees with a Tree Spade

1. As the old saying goes, if something wrong on a construction site, then you just need to take a hammer more. So the decision of the guys from the Texas Environmental Design megadevays to make regular evacuation of large trees.


2. The total height of the trailer in the transport state at the rise of wood – 7.5 meters and a length of 12 meters, width – 9 m.


3. The trailer capacity is 112 tons and bucket capacity – 19 cubic meters. This trailer is the world’s largest hydraulic tow truck trees.


4. Ring towing a locking mechanism, which opens at the entrance to the wood, then 10 knives in turn lowered to the ground to lift the tree.


5. Combine the bucket pressure – 337 tons, so the extra roots will easily cut off the machine, but in such a significant amount of bucket old trees survive in 98% of cases.


6. All the world these machines three, a year they transport about 1 000 trees.


Well, the whole process can be seen in the video

Source – Mechanismone.Livejournal.Com


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