Bourbon Tunnel | Naples, Italy

The world is full of forgotten places. Some of them are in fairly large cities. One of them is a tunnel with a vintage car at Naples, Italy. The entrance to this place is not far from Piazza del Plebiscito. At a depth of 30 meters is very tunnel Bourbon, which houses rare cars. The history of this place long enough and interesting.

Bourbon Tunnel Naples Italy

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Police cars in Dubai

When the Dubai police need a new car, they buy it and seems to have spared no means. The extravagance of Dubai is known to all and have already demonstrated in the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. But wasteful spending in Dubai are not limited to large private corporations. So Dubai police renewed their patrol cars. New fleet includes cars such as the Bugatti Veyron and the Aston Martin One-77 and beyond.

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Lazareth LM 847 — Motorcycle with 470 horsepower and 4 wheels

This is the LM847 but, Lazareth’s works of the French custom builder. The basic building block of LM847 is of course the engine, like in any motorcycle, but in this case this is a V8 4,7 liter Maserati, ie predestined for use in the car. With an output of 470 hp, will be a real “bomb” for all audiences motorcycle tire and of course every effort traction under full power, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Lazareth LM 847, The Maserati V8 Motorbike

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UK, Road that Charging the Electric Cars

The organization Highways England set out to implement a pioneering technology that will allow electric car users do not have to stop for gas vehicles. For the system to work, the car would be equipped with wireless technology and could travel on special roads. In these areas, there will be electrical wires buried under the road generating electromagnetic fields that are captured by a coil inside the vehicle and converted into electricity.

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Robbie Maddison Rides his Dirt Bike on the Waves

The Australian rider Robbie Maddisonone of the athletes of the sports team ‘Red Bull‘ and famous for his exploits with his moticicleta ran limits forward and managed to meet its goal of surfing waves. “Maddo” completed the ‘Pipe Dream’, a project that took more than two years to prepare the bike and expose in Tahiti. The oceanic athlete managed to overcome the waves of Teahupoo and Papara, after a step that surprised even the surfers present at the scene.

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Smart Forrail, Car Runs on Railway Track

To draw attention to its new product, the German brand Smart introduced its new “insane” design – prototype Forrail (literally “for the rail”) – a car built on the basis of four Smart For Four, where you can go by rail. Smart ForRail been certified as “minipoezd.”

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Bike-Monster on the Steam Engine

Bike with a steam engine – the invention of Dutch designers. Distinctive features of this bike is its original appearance, not outstanding speed and now pirate name. Bike Festival Bigtwin, who by custom is carried out in the Netherlands, presented a unique bike with the name “Black Pearl” from Revatu, which surprised the fact that It is based on the steam engine. The steam monster appeared at the booth under the flag with the image of the well-known Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

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World’s Fastest Motorbike | Dodge Tomahawk

The Viper-powered Dodge Tomahawk concept vehicle shatters all the barriers of conventional thinking about personal transportation. This four-wheel, single-passenger vehicle is a sleek, rolling sculpture that combines art-deco styling with extreme engineering. The World’s Fastest Motorcycle.

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The Most Beautiful cars | Chevrolet

Brand Chevrolet is known to all. This is one of the few brands of General Motors, which was originally founded as a division of the corporation, and has not been “swallowed” GM later. For many years, it was Chevrolet “locomotive” design like GM, and in general the entire US automotive industry.

 The most beautiful  Chevrolet Ccars1953, Chevrolet Corvette of the first generation (C1). Interestingly, the October issue of the journal Poplular Mechanics for 1954 was entirely devoted to “Corvette” and their owners.

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