Famous Places through the Eyes of Visitors

Camera, the eye where you wana set and capture the image. Every photographer have freedom to shoot the image in different viewpoint. We usually seen the famous places like 7 wonder etc. But do think how its look when we are standing in front of these famous places, and what was the side scene behind us of these famous structures. British Photographer Oliver Curtis visited all the famous places, but he made other photos than the rest, or we can say a wrong way to see such famous places. The series is called Volte-face, and the man behind the camera. Its really a new way to see such places.

Photo's of Famous Places through the Eyes of Visitors

Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro

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Creative T-Shirts and bags Prints by Raubdruckerin, Pirate Printer from Berlin

The Berlin based collective artist Raubdruckerin is currently traveling through Europe. Along the way they make naturally beautiful prints of manhole covers and paving stones.

Raubdruckerin is German for female pirate printer. What they do is use objects in public space to print with t-shirts and bags. Everything they make, just happens on the street.

Creative T-Shirt Prints by Raubdruckerin, Pirates Printer from Belin

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Carpet which is formed from recycled labels of jeans

Carpets are a great way to liven up any room and are often also one of the main features of the room. It will not be the first time you’ve probably seen various interior accessories made from recycled jeans , but with a carpet of labels known brands you’ve probably never encountered before. These carpets are made by hand and see them brands like Levis , Ralph Lauren , Phat Farm , and more. There are two different sizes that are sure to add uniqueness to each room.

Jeans Labels Carpet
PD design, Polytuft, 2013. © Sven Persson / swelo.se

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Kristián Mensa Transformed everyday objects into unexpected pieces of art

18-year-old artist who turned everyday objects into humorous illustrations  Kristián Mensa  created magnificent work with sharp intelligence. Creative revealing the content of these studies ness eyes; Shot by combining photographs and drawings with various objects creates various blends.

Kristián Mensa transformed everyday objects into unexpected pieces of art with the help of his painting and drawing art

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Padua center is home of about 200 different species of silkworms

This is an amazing creation, which has a hidden talent. It was worn by the emperors, they were paid, fought for it. Silk – the most expensive cloth in the history of mankind. The origin of this gentle sliding material shall little caterpillar – silkworm, who lives in East Asia. Initially silk production secret was known only in China, today silk industry is spread all over the world. On one of the modern factory for the breeding of silkworms visited Italian photographer Alessandro Bianchi.

Padua center is home to about 200 different species of silkworms

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The first underwater museum in Europe

In the Canary Islands of Lanzarote, located in the Atlantic Ocean, there was Europe’s first underwater museum. 300 sculptures devoted to people or situations, characters who were residents themselves Canary Islands. The total area of the first underwater museum in Europe – 400 sq.m.

The first underwater museum in Europe

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Unusual world of Laurent Rosset

Italian architect and digital artist, Laurent Rosset enjoys edit photos taking them to the side of surrealism and exciting confusion. In his works, roads, avenues, mountains and fields they bend themselves into great waves that threaten those who wander strange places. His images generated estrangement and fascination at the same time. Like dreams.

Unusual world of Laurent Rosset

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Appetizing dresses made out of food

Food Fashion, Armenian designer and illustrator named Edgar Artis proved that mouth-watering can be not only a girl, but their dresses. For its painted beauties Edgar creates creative and culinary dresses of different foods. Fantasy artist truly limitless as to create costumes he uses are completely different products: chocolate, popcorn, jelly beans M & M’S, honey, butter, french fries, etc.

Appetizing dresses made out of food

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15 satirical illustrations that reveal the effects of addiction of technology

Art is often a mirror reflecting social problems and pressing societal issues. With the development of technology and the rise of the Internet, smartphones and mobile apps to online all the time is not only possible, for many it is a lifestyle.

We are introducing a series of satirical illustrations selected from Bored Panda, peddling some of the biggest problems with addiction to technology.

15 satirical illustrations that reveal the effects of addiction of technology

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