Korean Artist Lee Kang Bin Turns Coffee Cups into Incredible Works of Art

Latte Art is the art of fresh milk poured into a cup of coffee to create drawings on the coffee surface. Pictures of delicious Latte or Cappuccino coffee with beautiful texture may not be unfamiliar to young people today. To create such a product requires the bartender to have great ingenuity, meticulous and creative ability.

Putting aside traditional black and white patterns, Korean artist Lee Kang Bin demonstrated his amazing skills and creativity, making this art beast truly raised to a point. New high

Korean Artist Lee Kang Bin Turns Coffee Cups of Barista Cafe into Incredible Works of Art

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Glitch Art by Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

In recent years, digital artists continue to experiment and push the boundaries of the genre known as “glitch art”. This is the format of art in which are digital and analog bugs and problems for aesthetic purposes.

The end result for the viewer is distorted “knocked down” the image with a lot of errors, hovering like a lot of open windows in Windows. As accurately as possible glitch art can be described that way.

Artist Yoshitoshi Kanemaki created in the style of Glitch Art

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The artist Asmahan A. Mosleh creates unusual mandala in Arabic style

UK-based artist Asmahan A. Mosleh, known as Murder and Rose, creates unusual mandala in Arabic style. Each point Asmahan deals thinnest brush, so as not to hurt the rest of the composition.

The artist Asmahan A. Mosleh creates unusual mandala in Arabic style

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Bulgarian artist Christo Güell and pedestrian crossings

Bulgarian artist Christo Güell decided to turn boring and monotonous Madrid pedestrian crossings in real works of urban art. Now they just can not miss!

The gray and featureless colors of city streets often throws the residents of cities is now discouraged because so often we want to see around them more vivid, lively colors.

Bulgarian artist Christo Güell and pedestrian crossings

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10,000 Square Meter Impressive graffiti on the mountain of Swiss Alps

We all used to seeing graffiti on city walls or in urban facades. Certainly we’re not used to seeing them on the ground, on the mountains. And yet, the street artist in the name Saype recently completed a great work of art in the mountains of the region Leysin, Switzerland. The 10,000 square meter piece depicts a peasant lying on the earth in the area, with formal attire and hands behind her head enjoying the sun.The creation was on the ground, creating the image of the terrestrial plants, while the view from above is impressive.

10,000 Square Meter Impressive graffiti on the mountain of Swiss Alps

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The world’s first front reserve

The famous Norwegian artist Andreas Lee and the art project on the walls of residential complex “City quays” mystical animals. Graffiti on the facades of buildings recalls the importance of the symbiosis of man and nature. As to the idea of cultural Andreas close urbanism, he gladly gave the creators of the front gallery the opportunity to use any copyrighted images of animals and birds. Wild animals in suburban homes – one of WWF-scale projects of the program devoted to “Year of reserves” in Russia.

The famous Norwegian artist Andreas Lee project "City Park"

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Street artist Yash Stockholm

Street artist Yash Stockholm specialized in large figures of people and animals. Moreover, almost all the characters are depicted while wearing a hood. Stockholm Urban Art is part of Stockholm Street Festival where visitors can experience and enjoy some of Sweden’s most skilled artists from the street art/graffiti scene. The spectator will be able to see both how a work is created, and the finished works. There will be spray paint for sale for those who want to try spray painting themselves. There will also be street art installations to behold.

Street artist Yash Stockholm

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Which beard suits you?

The best beard style for every face shape, according to Braun the full beard is the most common style of wearing the hair on face. But that doesn’t mean it works well for everyone. Braun has done extensive research on beard styles and face shapes, and the results may surprise you. Check out this handy graphic for all of Braun’s suggestions.

Which beard suits you?

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Roof Top Art by Ella & Pitr in Montreal, Canada

Ella & Pitr spent the seventh month of year in Montreal, Canada where they create two giant on Rooftop pieces. As usual with the French duo, they created some massive works showing two of their signature sleeping giants. Hailing from Saint-Etienne in France, the duo has been perfecting their technique over the last two years. Giants can now be found all over the world, from Norway, France or Canada. Take a look at more images after the break and check back with us soon for the latest updates from North America.

Roof Top Art by Ella & Pitr in Montreal, Canada

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Nikola Culjic | Just Wanted To Touch 3D-drawings

Nikola Chulich (Nikola Čuljić) – 30-year-old self-taught artist from Serbia. He has been painting seriously for almost 3 years and reached in this matter considerable success.Many since childhood said Nicole that he had talent, but in the past he did not feel any interest in this process.

Nikola Čuljić 3D Art

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