10 simple habits that make us more attractive

Beauty in appearance and manliness. Attractiveness is something that we radiate from within within a lifetime. Being attractive emotionally, spiritually and mentally is just as important as having external beauty. Daily love, mutual help are habits that will make you more attractive in the eyes of others.

There are several different ways to properly treat yourself and the outside world, which can make you more attractive, both inside and out. The confidence that you radiate is attractive to others, so it is very important to saturate this internal resource.

So, here are the 10 most simple daily habits that make you more attractive:

1. Deep communication with people

Deep communication with people

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Svalbard Global Seed Vault — A backup of the world on the Norwegian Archipelago

American photographer James Rajotte went on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard Arctic to photograph Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

The first stone in the foundation of the project, designed to save the seeds from global catastrophes, laid Norwegian Prime Ministers of Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland in 2006. Structure in settlement Longyearbyen is at a depth of 120 meters and can store 4.5 million crop varieties. Currently in Svalbard – more than 860,000 samples from almost every country in the world. Seeds are packaged in special three-layer foil bags and kept in cold storage at -18 C.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault — The world's largest secure seed storage

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21 Best Ideas about Female Modeling Poses

If ever you run out of ideas, creativity comes to a standstill, or you just need the advice for shooting a female object, you can use the following examples of postures as a “cheat sheet”. Many professional photographers use similar techniques during preparation or immediately on shooting.

Posture, picked up in this article can be used as a starting point. You can also view them together with your model, especially if she does not have experience. When taking a picture confident discuss with your object is, what pose is suitable or not suitable for every situation. Usually it is very productive and allows both (you and your model) feel more confident in your actions. How to Pose at a Photo Shoot?

So , we begin :

female model poses for photography

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Rings with Natural Stones, According to Planets

From ancient times it is known that the wearing of rings with natural stones allows you to enhance the action of certain planets in a horoscope. And today it is believed that each finger corresponds to a separate planet in the solar system. For example, a large palets- is Venus, the index – Jupiter, middle – Saturn ring – the sun and the little finger – Mercury. Thus, wearing a ring with a stone on a particular finger may be to control the fate. If earlier woman has taken a vow of celibacy, she wore a silver ring on his thumb, blocking the energy of the planet Venus. Therefore, if a girl wants to establish a personal life, meet a soul mate, wearing a ring on the thumb should not be.

Rings with Natural Stones, According to Planets

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The most expensive coffee in the world

Every true coffee lover, if not tried, then at least heard of the world-famous, Indonesian luwak coffee.

Which only epithets did not award the coffee producers and sellers, “the most prestigious in the world”, “elite”, “premium”, “gods drink”, the taste of his “extremely soft”, “caramel”, “with a delicate aroma of vanilla and chocolate “, and so on and so forth.

The most expensive coffee in the world

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The Last Nuclear Test Sites, Which Become Extreme Tourist Attractions

Atomic age began July 16, 1945: the date of reference is considered to be the first successful test of a nuclear bomb, which took place in the New Mexico desert in the Manhattan Project. Less than a month later, the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were dropped. Since then, until the signing of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in 1996, over 2,000 nuclear test explosions have occurred in the outer islands, atolls and desert areas of the world.

The vast majority of these attacks occurred in the United States and the Soviet Union: the superpowers were preparing for a war for survival. Before you place that would be quite amiss in the annals of this sad story – access curious tourists here is now open.

Extreme Tourism: The Last Nuclear test Sites

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Biologists explain why sunflowers turn to the Sun

A long time ago, people noticed that young sunflower flowers turn to follow the sun during the day and at night return to the starting position, to meet him again in the morning in the east. But until now, scientists were unable to uncover the mystery: what makes a plant to make your daily ritual and why over time, “worship” luminary stops?

Biologists explain why sunflowers turn to the Sun
Photo – Via

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Sasyk Sivash – the largest lake and salt lake in the Crimea

Lake Sasyk Siwash – is the largest lake and salt lake in the Crimea, Ukraine, near the city of Yevpatoria. The lake is very shallow, its average depth is 0.5 m and the maximum – 1.2 m. It was established salt mining like pink sea, which is very much appreciated in the West. How to extract the salt, look on.

Sasyk Sivash - The largest lake and salt lake in the Crimea

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The shape of the nose will tell about your personality

Strange but true! The nose is able to tell a lot about the character, according to research by an Israeli scientist Abraham Tamir  of Ben-Gurion University. The results of his research papers have been published in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery.

The shape of the nose will tell about your personality

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