The End of the Legendary Couple Bonnie and Clyde

The dynamic duo made the United States down, as in the turbulent period of the Great Depression, it made one robbery after another. In their … assets they still had murders (nine policemen and three citizens) and of course all articles of the penal code on their backs.

The couple was killed on May 23, 1934, ambushed them set up a team of police from Louisiana and Texas. The police officers literally put the car on which the infamous villains went by killing them instantaneously. Then Boni was 23 years old and her partner, Clyde 25.

The End of the Legendary Couple Bonnie and Clyde

Anonymous, Clyde’s Bullet Riddled Ford V8 Sedan with Texas Rangers in the Background, 1934.

The couple was not prepared for the appearance of the police and was killed instantly. A half-food sandwich was found in Boni’s hand, while in the back seat Clyde had carefully placed his favorite saxophone. The masters of the police officers were obvious as they continued to empty their weapons to the dead bodies of the wanted criminals even after they had killed them.

Bony Parker and Clint Barrow have embraced the concept of anti-heroine for Americans, and not only as they became world famous in the years that followed their death, with books and films about their action.

In the 1930s, at the time of the Great Crash, gangsters became symbols for the American people, who lived in conditions of misery.

There were the “high profile” gangsters, such as John Diligger and Al Capone, but some popular bandits, such as Bonnie and Clyde.

The legendary couple met in 1930 in East Dallas. Clyde was convicted of car theft, and Bonnie helped him escape. He was arrested, however, and finally liberated in 1932, when their joint action began.

On May 20, 1933, the US Commissioner in Dallas, Texas, issued a warrant against them, and the FBI began an even narrower chase against the couple, accused – besides car theft – of killing two policemen and a sheriff, kidnapping a couple, a sheriff and the police chief in Wellington, Texas, bank robberies and several other serious offenses.

On April 1, 1934, Bonnie & Claude killed two police officers in Texas, and another one, five days later, in Oklahoma. On April 13, an FBI agent was informed that the couple would be on May 21, at Black Lake, Louisiana, where he would party alongside Henry Methvin’s family.

Before the dawn of May 23rd, a body of police officers from Louisiana and Texas set up a blockade in the wanted couple and literally yanked their car with more than 50 spheres. Bonnie & Clyde were killed instantly. Inside the car, a shotgun shot, a ribbon, a saxophone and a half-food sandwich were found.

In 1967, Arthur Penn moved the story of the legendary couple in cinema screens, starring Gouoren Mpiti and Faye Dunaway. The film has been a tremendous success, giving Boni & Clint a timeless value.

There is even a “Bonnie and Clyde Festival” that takes place annually on the anniversary of their death, in Gibsland, Louisiana, the city closest to the area where the police had been ambushed.


Anonymous, Bonnie & Clyde, Kissing & Embracing, 1933.


Anonymous, Clyde Barrow’s Criminal Record, 1934.


Anonymous, Bonnie Parker, 1934.


Anonymous, The Automobile of Bonnie & Clyde, 1934.


Anonymous, The Jacket of the Infamous Clyde Barrow, 1934.


Anonymous, Former Texas Ranger, Frank Hamer,
& the posse that Ended the Lives of the Notorious Bonnie & Clyde, 1934.

Source: All images: Courtesy PDNB Gallery, Dallas, TX / Wikipedia / Featureshoot / Ovigreek

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