R Jack Foley, A True Fashion Icon

In the age of 50 plus, Ron Jack Foley become a true fashion icon, he blessed with confident eyes and perfect body structure. Naturally, girls and guys are going nuts for him. He shows that age cant stop the spirit of lifestyle, But you must be fit first, mentally and psychically.

Handsome 51 Years old Ron Jack Foley

Aging happens to everyone, whether we accept it or ignore it, but the quality of our lifestyle is depend on our thinking, what we are old or young? Eat health, stay active and take care of yourself emotionally and spiritually. It can help to make their golden years in best years. He is not a model, but he is trying to compete the youngsters.



  1. A man who has had way above average looks from when he was young, will turn into an equally above average looking man when he is 50+, IF he lives healthily, which this dude obviously does. I am 53, and my body and looks do confuse a lot of people, who cannot wrap their heads around the fact that I’m not a much younger woman (it’s not always pleasant to get that taken aback kind of look when a man thinks he wants to go for you, but when he finds out your age, he backs ever so slightly away…. sometime this makes me feel like I’m a liar, which is of course dumb, yet still comes up. And I can’t tell you how sick I am of the dumbass comment: “Oh wow, you look great for your age”). So yes, I think it’s time to smash the age stereotype, but also be honest that you cannot change a 1964 Trabi into a 2017 Ferrari, no matter how much body work you get done.

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