She has suffered all her life from bullying, but her fiancé has silenced everyone!

Violation of skin pigmentation, known as vitiligo, is a fairly common phenomenon. According to statistics in the US, more than 200,000 cases of this disease are officially registered every year. Despite this prevalence, this disease is paid too little attention to the public.

Vitiligo develops as a result of the destruction of melanin in skin cells, because of which contrasting white spots appear on it. The loss of skin color is chaotic, which makes it impossible to predict the area and speed of the lesion. At the moment there are no ways to treat this disease.

Woman With Vitiligo Was Bullied For Her Skin, Then Fiancé Shut Down All The Haters

She has suffered all her life from bullying, but her fiancé has silenced everyone!

Iomikoe Johnson, a resident of Lake Charles (Louisiana, USA), white spots all over the body have already become an integral part of herself.

The disease began to spread from the elbows of the girl. Noticing small white spots on the skin, she turned to the dermatologist, who diagnosed her with Vitiligo. At first, this news scared Iomikoe. She looked through a lot of photos of how this disease can develop, and she did not want to look the same. Relatives and friends supported the girl. They quietly took her new look. However, others reacted to her appearance is not so understanding and pestering her with her jeers.


At first, Iomikoe was very shy about her skin. She struggled to level her tone with tonal means.

The girl suffered greatly because of her insecurity, until she met Philip, her future bridegroom, who helped her feel beautiful.

“With him I do not need to apply a foundation to hide my spots. I do not need to hide from him behind a layer of makeup, he loves me the way I am. “-

Iomikoe shares her emotions.

“He pushed me to take the decisive step: stop applying tons of makeup every time I go out into the street. He made me believe in myself. I realized that I should not think about what others would say or how they would look. In fact, they will only mock at those who allow it to do with themselves. Sure and satisfied with themselves people have a natural psychological barrier against any attacks from others. “


Since then, the girl has learned to accept herself and her new face. She abandoned a ton of foundation for good.

“If God created me this way, why should I hide it?” The girl says.


Now she works as a model and tries to show her own example to other women how important it is to love yourself and turn your shortcomings into virtues. Her unusual appearance is very popular with photographers and fashion magazines.

“I want people to learn more about vitiligo. 1% of the total population of the Earth suffers from this skin disease, but so little is said about it! Now many make compliments of my appearance, to that, so extravagant I look. It happened due to the fact that I myself could love myself and people see it. I want my example to encourage other women to accept themselves as they are, “Iomikoe told in her interview.

  • Woman With Vitiligo Was Bullied For Her Skin, Then Fiancé Shut Down All The Haters
  • She has bared all to show that “beauty is beyond skin” and that she now embraces her vitiligo.
  • Woman With Vitiligo Becomes A Model

Source – Inspiremore / Piximus / Thesun / Facebook


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