Micro-apartments in concrete pipes as an innovative solution to housing problems

The problem with housing is familiar to residents of many megacities, but perhaps, in no city in the world the issue is not as acute as in Hong Kong. Renting an ordinary kopecks costs $ 2,100, which many people can not afford. They are forced to settle in the so-called “tombs”, which offer a black realtor market.

Micro-apartments in concrete pipes as an innovative solution to housing problems » And the architectural bureau “James Low CyberTecCur” drew attention to the needs of poor Hong Kong people. The company built the first house built of concrete pipes (OPOD Tube House), each of which is a small standard apartment with an area of ​​93 sq. M and a width of about 2.5 m for 1 – 2 people.

Micro-apartments in concrete pipes as an innovative solution to housing problems

Apartments are equipped with a folding sofa bed, they have space for a microwave and mini fridge, and at the end of the pipe there is a bathroom and toilet.



A large glass front door also serves as a large round window and opens and closes through a smartphone, letting daylight into the apartment. The snow-white interior of the apartment looks surprisingly spacious for a small room.


The founder of the company James Lowe believes that apartments in concrete pipes will help solve the housing problems of young people and those who need temporary housing for a year or two.

The greatest interest in the project is caused by his mobility. Pipes can be installed anywhere, for example, in narrow and unusable “slots” between buildings.





Due to the natural weight of the concrete (the pipes weigh 22 tons each), the cost of installation is not high. No additional bolts and fasteners are required. James calculated that installing a house out of pipes costs $ 15,000 at an estimated rent of $ 400 a month, which will solve problems in Hong Kong and other cities around the world.

Source: Dezen / Edited: Gudsol

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