Palmanova fortress town, The strategic location of war

Fort in the form of a star – type fortifications, which first appeared in the XV century in Italy. At that time, the medieval fortifications that were built of stone, becoming an easy target for the guns. That is why forts star began to build of brick, earth and other materials that are made to strengthen a much more powerful and have reduced the probability of failure of cannonballs.

Palmanova fortress town, The strategic location of war

City of Palmanova in Northern Italy.

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Bulgarian artist Christo Güell and pedestrian crossings

Bulgarian artist Christo Güell decided to turn boring and monotonous Madrid pedestrian crossings in real works of urban art. Now they just can not miss!

The gray and featureless colors of city streets often throws the residents of cities is now discouraged because so often we want to see around them more vivid, lively colors.

Bulgarian artist Christo Güell and pedestrian crossings

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9 Most Expensive Cities In The World

Each year, the research unit of The Economist publishes two reports – of the most expensive and cheapest cities to live in the world. The first report, which is called the Worldwide Cost of Living, considered factors such as the price of food, fuel and income levels. Due to the strengthening of the US dollar and the devaluation of national currencies of other countries in the rankings this year, one can observe a major change compared with the previous report. Before you – the nine most expensive cities to live in the world.

9. Seoul, South Korea

Most Expensive Cities In The World

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Montjuïc Cemetery, on the hill of Barcelona

El Cementerio de Montjuïc, Montjuïc Cemetery was created due to the great demographic expansion and economic boom experienced by the city of Barcelona in the first half of the nineteenth century. The cemetery of Poblenou was clearly insufficient and the fact that would in a large urban development zone prevented its expansion.

Montjuïc Cemetery, on the hill of Barcelona

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CBQuality, A Personal trainer and Yoga Instructor

Beautiful American lady CBQuality also known as Claire Fountain, She is a personal trainer and yoga Instructor from Mississippi, before ever stepping foot on a mat. As a way to overcome her own life obstacles, she began a journey of learning and studying anatomy in order to heal her mind, body, and spirit. A modern Indian Yoga with Unbeatable strength, flexibility and activeness, she promotes and showing a modern day hybrid of yoga for the active, the athlete, the beginner, and every body ready and willing to learn.

CBQuality, A Personal trainer and Yoga Guru

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The Painted Ladies – San Francisco

Wonderful and colorful Victorian homes are located in several areas of San Francisco, in the western and southern parts of the city. The most famous place where they are located in a row, is the street Steiner is now on the revival of these houses with a fancy name”Painted ladie” around this American city.

The Painted Ladies of San Francisco

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10 Shocking Photos of showing the darkest pages of history

Sometimes one picture can replace a thousand words. Pictures collected in our survey, circled at one time the whole world, but it does not make the event, which depicted them less scary. All images are imbued with an atmosphere of terror, and should be a reminder to mankind that such things should not be repeated.

10 Shocking Photos of showing the darkest pages of history

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Tram in Bilbao – The world’s Best Tram

Some people do not know or do not want to believe that the tram – the world’s best form of public transport. “Trams noisy, slow, and do not know how to go around traffic jams!” they say. a bunch of reasons can cause such people about what modern tramway system solved all of these problems, tell them about the benefits of modern rail transport, that the tram is cute and beautiful. And you can just show them the tram in the Spanish city of Bilbao. Ya many different trams seen in the world, but I think we cant see such type of.

Tram in Bilbao - The world's Best Tram

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Unusual world of Laurent Rosset

Italian architect and digital artist, Laurent Rosset enjoys edit photos taking them to the side of surrealism and exciting confusion. In his works, roads, avenues, mountains and fields they bend themselves into great waves that threaten those who wander strange places. His images generated estrangement and fascination at the same time. Like dreams.

Unusual world of Laurent Rosset

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Realistic ballpoint pen drawings by Andrey Poletaeva

Artist of Ukraine creates a stunning picture of an ordinary ballpoint pen. Andrew Poletaev live in Ukraine in Lugansk. Self-taught artist paints by ordinary ballpoint pen unusually realistic and stunningly atmospheric paintings “Ballpoint Pen Drawings“. The subjects of his work are urban landscapes, ordinary passers-by cities, celebrities and portraits of well-known characters.

Artist of Ukraine creates a stunning picture of an ordinary ballpoint pen

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