Vinh Long, The city of Pottery

On the outskirts of Vinh Long, Vietnam, there is a range of pottery factories that produce thousands of things.

Residents in many neighborhoods are working to produce and promote all kinds of ceramics, from vases, statues, to bricks. Everywhere there are the towering kilns that pop up between the palm trees and the bananas.

Vinh Long, The city of Pottery

Vinh Long, The city of Pottery — Vinh Long ceramics are popular in Vietnam, not only for their elegant shape but also for their pink color, which makes them different from those produced in other regions.

The drawings come from sculptors or other artists, who also deal with the polishing of ceramics.

All products are baked in an oven for seven days at temperatures of 100-200 degrees Celsius during the first four days, and in the last days the temperature is raised to 900 degrees Celsius.

Vinh-Long-The city of ceramics-Gudsol-002Vinh-Long-The city of ceramics-Gudsol-003Vinh-Long-The city of ceramics-Gudsol-004Vinh-Long-The city of ceramics-Gudsol-005Vinh-Long-The city of ceramics-Gudsol-006Vinh-Long-The city of ceramics-Gudsol-007Vinh-Long-The city of ceramics-Gudsol-008Vinh-Long-The city of ceramics-Gudsol-009Vinh-Long-The city of ceramics-Gudsol-010Vinh-Long-The city of ceramics-Gudsol-011Vinh-Long-The city of ceramics-Gudsol-012

Sources: For 91 Days and Vietnam Tourism


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