Termites Cathedral almost resembles the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

The image of the termite colony in Australia published on Twitter one of the world’s leading evolutionary biologists Richard Dawkins.

As he observed in his post, the “cathedral” was not made by any architect without any plans.

Termites Cathedral almost resembles the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Termites Cathedral almost resembles the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona — The famous scientist has asked his friends to help him solve the mystery of exactly what termite species was behind the creation of this amazing construction.

And they responded by giving the solution. The “cathedral”, as he called it, is built of two kinds of termites, “amitermes meridionalis” and “termites of the cathedrals” (nazittimes triodiae).


Photo Source – Businessinsider

These insects are responsible for some of the highest non-human structures, in relation to their size, in the world.

They build huge forts up to eight meters high in the north, western Australia and Queensland.

In a study by the University of Sydney published in February, experts said that these structures are incredible technical achievements and claim that the dykes are even more impressive than the tallest building on Earth, the Burj Khalifa Dubai skyscraper.

As Deputy Professor Nathan Lo said: “Since a termite is about 3 millimeters in size, these embankments are equivalent to four Burj Khalifa stacked one over another.”

Gray “magnetic termites” have taken this name as they construct large mounds along a north-south line, aligned with magnetic poles.

Explaining the special high towers of the cathedral, they estimate that they were in need, as this colony was destroyed at some point, and termites began to rebuild it as quickly as possible, while giving height.

Termite structures are made with a mixture of stools, mud and wood, which forms a robust, waterproof alumel substance.



Termites live underground, which requires the supply of oxygen, and the dykes work like an air conditioning system, delivering air to the lower colony. This also feeds the fungal crops that feed the creatures for nutrients.

Source: Daily Mail

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