Vegetarian Apartment Complex in Veda Village, Russia

Veda Village, a block of flats, is designed only for vegetarians who want to live in a community.

The first and important condition for buying or renting an apartment is to be a vegetarian. Customers are interviewed by real estate agents and if they do not, they are rejected.

Veda Village – A Vegetarian-Only Apartment Complex in Russia

However, a non-meat diet is not the ticket for a place in the ‘Vento Village’, as it is forbidden to smoke and drink alcohol.

“Veda Village” aims to become a sustainable community in which residents will be self-sufficient in energy, water, waste treatment and food production.


The apartment complex has a yoga center, a gym, a spa, shops, caring facilities, an educational center as well as a vegetarian restaurant.

Two of the seven multi-storey apartment buildings in Veda Village have already been completed, while others are scheduled to be completed in 2018. The whole complex will be able to accommodate up to 210 families.

“Veda Village” is the first vegetarian residential complex in Russia, but not the only one in the world. In India, something similar in 2012 was built in Chennai.

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