15 Coupes That Show You Why Short-haired is An Excellent Idea

Often, looking at one another in the mirror and seeing a long , thick hair , perhaps with pitchforks, one dreams of giving a good chisel to all that. But the decision is so difficult to make that most of the time, you give up the idea.

Well, we can show you that cutting your hair is not a bad idea, quite the opposite! Here are 15 women who, with their short hair cut , are even more cannon!

When a wavy key can make a difference

15 Coupes That Show You Why Short-haired is An Excellent Idea

image: © facebook

If your face is oval, why not frame it?


image: © bogomolov.lv

What can be called a “clean cut”! A boy cut!


image: © instagram

If your hair is defibrillated, extinct, here is a way to revitalize them


image: © Instagram

She is as beautiful with a long as short cut


image: © Instagram

And still a wavy square more than successful!


image: © fashiony

A trendy look


image: © instagram

A mutinous air also with the square


image: © vk

If you also want to change the hair color, do not hesitate


image: © instagram

The volume acquired will be one of the first things you will notice


image: © fashiony

Sometimes even cutting the tips and having a different hairstyle are enough to change heads.


image: © twitter

Everyone knows, by cutting hair, the latter only strengthen.


image: © instagram

Shorter and smooth. Friendly!


image: © instagram

Another wave effect


image: © instagram

In short, short hair is really a great solution.


image: © instagram

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