Kampung Pelangi, The Colorful village of Indonesia

The village of Kampung Pelangi, is probably one of the most colorful and attractive villages in the Indonesia, Once the Indonesian village of Kampung Wonosari looked very inconspicuously with its gray-white houses and the same brown roofs. However, it was renamed Kampung Pelangi, which literally translates as “Rainbow Village”, because it really has become a by painting all 232 settlement houses in all colors of the rainbow, and supplementing them with bright pictures.

Colorful village in Indonesia, Kampung Pelangi

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Glamorous Bus Stop In Krumbach

In the small western Austrian village of Krumbach, in Vorarlberg, built seven stops authorship of famous architects. Unbelievable? But the fact. At the opening of the new urban landmarks have invited all 992 people. Architecture is all love and appreciate, almost every family has a carpenter, joiner or a lumberjack. Even its own architectural tradition there.


Grows in Vorarlberg wonderful pine why and carpenters there a dime a dozen. But the architects of the first half of the last century is clearly lacking. After World War II was a law that gave the right to design a simple builder. Thus was born in Krumbach strange style, the authors of which were baukunstlery ( “stroyhudozhniki” literally translated from German).

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Stop, designed by designers Wang Shu and Lu Wenyu.

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Vietnamese Dong Tao chicken with dragon feet

30 km from Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, in the small village of Dong Tao cultivated one of the most rare species of chickens, which is also called Dong Tao but also known as the ” chicken dragon“. Once the hens were considered royal, but now they can enjoy anyone, just about to be seriously shell out for this it is necessary. The cost of one pair of these chickens can reach up to $ 2500. To date, the number of chickens is about 300 individuals. Weight of cock is 6 kg chicken – 4.5 – 5.5 kg. Dong Tao prized for delicious meat and huge paws, like a dragon paws. These huge legs are a delicacy and served in the most expensive restaurants in the country.

Vietnamese Dong Tao chicken with dragon feet

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Caleta Tortel

Caleta Tortel (Chile) was founded on May 28, 1955, mainly basing its economy on the extraction of cypress guaitecas. Caleta Tortel, is set in rugged terrain with steep slopes and rocky terrain with almost no topsoil, which will prevent the existence of sites that relate to the land itself. The houses are raised on stilts spontaneously, and connecting spaces are platforms and passageways called envaralados isolated terrain.

Caleta Tortel

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