Home birth in the water, Photographer Kathy Rosario

Photographer Kathy Rosario specializes in taking pictures of infants and pregnant women. When her friend and colleague, said it plans to give birth at home, Rosario offered to capture the intimate process. “For me there is nothing more wonderful than to see how women give birth, and when it happens in the comfort of your home, they will feel even more special. We were expecting the appearance of the child in the bliss and tranquility.Home delivery in the water the most serene of all that I have photographed. Mom – the most wonderful creatures in the world! Look for these priceless photos and see how incredible the human body can be! “

Home birth in the water, Photographer Cathy Rosario

Home-birth-in-the-water-Cathy-Rosario-02The contractions intensified, and popsicles mom gives strength! She made it herself.

The moment has arrived …

Home-birth-in-the-water-Cathy-Rosario-03Miracle of Life

Home-birth-in-the-water-Cathy-Rosario-05It’s a girl!

Home-birth-in-the-water-Cathy-Rosario-06Girl after two boys! Mom happy.


Home-birth-in-the-water-Cathy-Rosario-07Women – superhero


Home birth in the water, Photographer Cathy RosarioSource: Boredpanda.comkathyrosario.com

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