Russian Kim Kardashian, Anastasia Kvitko

After the of post model Juliya Lavrova, One more Russian Kim Kardashian – Anastasia Kvitko no secret of its qualities. However, shy of magnificent forms now generally not accepted – thanks to Kim Kardashian, bre@st paving the way skaters girls in show business and fashion.

Twenty-one year and more than Five million fans on Instagram – Anastasia’s popularity is growing every day. Media call it “Russian Kim,” but she believes that it is much better than the American TV star.


In January 2016 Anastasia Kvitko moved to Miami, where she was offered a place advertising agency. There she also offered to lose weight, but the girl made a curvy shape its brand name, refused. In the US, the model promoted corrective underwear and corsets Colombian production. In the spring of 2016 Cameo nightclub in Miami Anastasia Kvitko he presented his solo show with the support of the firm Mia. In the mid-2016 model moved to live and work in Los Angeles.

Anastasia Kvitko popular with a strong half of humanity, and this is not surprising. However, already in the school girl glamorous Do not abandon classmates. The boys accompanied her home, wearing her backpack. As a teenager, she began to meet with the guy who inspired her confidence, admired her full figure. His opinion was always listening Anastasia. Together they went from Kaliningrad to Moscow in order to achieve success and make a career. But, throughout the visible, these relationships did not survive the popular test.

Anastasia Kvitko picture gallery




Anastasia Kvitko







She confidently build her modeling career, she is enjoying popularity and happy subscribers to provoke intense discussion of her body, laying candid shots.

Source – Instagram


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