The 35 most epic Anastasia Volochkova twine photos

We will dedicate today’s article to its famous splits. Previously, she showed them on television (and, admittedly, stretching from her what is needed), and now Anastasia is happy to show them anywhere and upload pictures to her Instagram profile. Perhaps for this reason, people are slightly already tired of her brand twine and already even deride her….

Split-only machines…

The most epic Anastasia Volochkova twine photos

Favorite ballerina bath only contributes to stretching…


Yes, yes, this is her stretch… Anastasia_Volochkova-009

Probably, it is so easy for her to walk…Anastasia_Volochkova-010

And rest Anastasia_Volochkova-011

Now I understand how it works.Anastasia_Volochkova-012

This photo is inexplicable all Anastasia_Volochkova-013

Well, DiCaprio is not aroundAnastasia_Volochkova-014

So still nobody got into the limousineAnastasia_Volochkova-015

Oh, this profession – can sneak up on a regular discoAnastasia_Volochkova-016

I don’t want to know what happened nextAnastasia_Volochkova-017

A second before …Anastasia_Volochkova-018

When you do not want to climb into the barrel, but you need to attach it to the imageAnastasia_Volochkova-019

The faces of her ballet dancers say a lotAnastasia_Volochkova-020

The family is not without VolochkovaAnastasia_Volochkova-021

Hard, hard life in the world of Anastasia VolochkovaAnastasia_Volochkova-022

Waiting Again LeoAnastasia_Volochkova-023

Not everyone drinks tea at the table Anastasia_Volochkova-024

What is the background, when near Volochkova on the splits?Anastasia_Volochkova-025

She is resting in a hammock in a very peculiar way. Anastasia_Volochkova-026

And again the bath, again the splitsAnastasia_Volochkova-027

New swimming style from VolochkovaAnastasia_Volochkova-028

New swimming style from Volochkova Anastasia_Volochkova-029How do you like that, Van Damme?Anastasia_Volochkova-030

But the sharks will not bother herAnastasia_Volochkova-031

It turns out that not only fat people can occupy three chairs at the same time.Anastasia_Volochkova-032

The guy’s life in the background will no longer be the same. Anastasia_Volochkova-033

Even at home does not rest Anastasia_Volochkova-034

Um … No comment Anastasia_Volochkova-035

And what, it seems to be convenient Anastasia_Volochkova-036

What did her life look like before the splits? Anastasia_Volochkova-037

The face of a cat instead of a thousand words…Anastasia_Volochkova-038

It’s broken?… Anastasia_Volochkova-039

Apparently yes… Anastasia_Volochkova-040

 If your party passes without Volochkova’s twine, then don’t even think about inviting meAnastasia_Volochkova-041

The 35 most epic Anastasia Volochkova twine photos


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