Embroidery Tattoo | The combination of two needle art on the skin

The combination of two needle art on the skin. As you know, Tattoo and embroidery are made by needle, but one is use on clothes and another is used on skin.

Embroidery Tattoo — Artist made these embroidery on skin, this is not the edge of the art but its look like the depth of the Art. Usually people not much like embroidery, But when it is associate with tattoo its become a moving classical art gallery of grandma. This creative art shows the unique and traditional of both times.

Embroidery Tattoo | The combination of two needle art on the skin

These colorful thread are wrap in ink with rich folk designs and describe the co-relation of two art with 3D texture, look like it come out of the skin.

This tattoo includes many approaches, but the impressive in all its forms is the intense ink and the resemblance to the thread in regular embroidery with cross stitch. The three-dimensional images you think have been embroidered on the skin or are stuck in some way. The “yarns” are so vibrant that it’s like seeing the glow that reflects each individual fiber.


Source × Boredpanda


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