13 things you need to remove from Facebook

Now there is practically no one who does not use social networks. Of course, they make life easier for us. For example, they provide an opportunity to communicate with people who are far away, listen to music, watch movies, find useful information and find out the latest news.

However, many people in their love for social networks go too far. They parade their entire lives and even share information that they should not have made public.

13 things you need to remove from Facebook

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We have prepared a list of 13 things that must be removed from their social networks:

1. Marital status.
No wonder they say that happiness loves silence. People are different, why do you need extra envious and gossip.

Moreover, if you part with your soulmate and put your marital status “free”, perverts and not quite adequate users, who are just waiting for such a moment, can haunt you on the Internet. In addition, they will know that you are now alone at home.

2. Photos of their children.
It is difficult for parents to resist sharing a video or a snapshot of their beloved child. After all, children always delight them with their achievements and funny moments. But just think that apart from friends and relatives, pedophiles and those who sell child pornography or maniacs who want to kidnap can see these photos. Especially, it is forbidden to publish photos of naked children.

3. The name of the school or kindergarten.
Never share your child’s location on social networks. After all, freaks are often just looking for their next “victim”. Remember, every 6 hours in the world a huge number of children disappear. Which will never be found.

4. Your photos of dubious nature.
Too frank, illegal photos or those where you are intoxicated can leave you without work. Even if you delete them, you do not know who managed to save them to your device. It is better to refrain from adding such pictures, even if they seem funny or attractive.

5. “Friends” who are not really friends.
In the matter of friendship, it is not quality but quality that is important. And if many of your friends in social networks are not, and you do not communicate, it is better to delete them altogether. Why do you need this extra ballast?

6. Information about bank cards.
When shopping on the Internet, never save your data with your credit card so that they do not fall into the hands of fraudsters.

7. Telephone number.
By adding your phone number on social networks, you risk finding an annoying “fan”, or maybe not one, who will interrupt the phone with calls and SMS.

8. Publications on which you are marked.
Depending on the settings, they can be seen not only by you or friends, but also by other users. If those photos in which you are marked, put you in an unattractive light, it is better to remove this mark.

9. Date of birth.
Never specify your full birthday or next of kin. This information may help attackers to steal your account and select passwords.

10. The chief.
If you have a boss as a friend, do not forget that he can go to your page and read your wall posts, statuses and photos. He is better off not seeing some of these publications, so try not to add your boss as a friend.

11. Geolocation.
Do not report your location, because attackers will know that you are not at home. If you want to share photos from the holidays, it is better to do it when it has already ended.

12. Date of holiday.
No need to notify everyone in social networks, how many you will have a vacation. Otherwise, you can bring robbers to your home. According to police stories, many attackers choose the next victim just for the social networks.

13. Photo ticket.
You have no idea how much you can do with a photo of your flight ticket or boarding pass. For example, cancel the flight or change the place.

Remember that much of your life is better not to put on display!

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