Unusual cascade residential complex in Stockholm, Sweden

Unusual cascade residential complex in Stockholm, Sweden

Designed by BIG Architectural Bureau, Residential Complex 79 & Park is located in Stockholm, Sweden. It is built next to the park and the port, resembling a wooden hill with landscaping. The different heights of each block are provided in order to provide the best panoramic views. The courtyard of the complex always gets enough sunlight. Pixel design of residential units with terraces gives the possibility of using inexpensive modular structures.

Each of the 196 apartments has access to private and common terraces on the roof of the complex, covered with greenery, to match its location next to the park. Square modules measuring 3.6 by 3.6 meters are assembled into a stepped construction, reaching 35 meters at its highest point. These cascading residences combine the tranquility of a country house and the benefits of living in a city. Apartments have a different layout, the interiors are decorated with white oak floors and natural stone surfaces. On the territory of the residential complex there is a hotel for dogs, bicycle parking and a kindergarten.


Source — Tvarchitect | Hqroom

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