Incredible Mud Volcano Resemblance to a Gigantic Human Eye

The Pugachevskiy mud volcano, located on the island of Sakhalin in Eastern Russian, has the appearance of a giant human eye from the air, reports the ‘The Daily Mail’. This similarity caused the image of the volcano to be viralized on the Web.

The photographer and author of the photos, Mikhail Mikhailov, said: “I have never seen anything like it before.” There are hundreds of mud volcanoes in the world, and the island of Sakhalin is well known.

Incredible Mud Volcano Resemblance to a Gigantic Human Eye

Mud volcanoes are formations created by gases and liquids excreted from the earth. When decompaction occurs, the gases are produced at a high rate, causing the mud to rise to the surface through fractures in the earth.

It is estimated that the volcano formed after a very strong explosion when the sludge flooded from one point and spread evenly.

It is definitely a rare phenomenon that has not been detected in other areas. Volcanic volcanoes are not like the others, as they do not produce lava.

They may range in size from one or two meters up to 700 meters in height and width from two meters up to 10 kilometers!

The mud produced by these volcanoes is usually formed from water that has been heated deep beneath the surface of the Earth and springs through a geological or underground gas pressure.

About 86% of the gas released is methane, with much less carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Sprayed materials are usually a slurry that may contain a mixture of salts, acids and various hydrocarbons.

The largest concentration of mud volcanoes is in Azerbaijan, where there are 400, while it is said that volcanic mud has been found on Mars!







Source –Dailymail

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