Olişcanilor Forest Bunker | Sholdanesht,USSR

The Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic Army in the late 1980s has now become a rustle that is destroying itself to the least of the tellurian movements.

The military base in the forests near Olişcani and Soldanesti, northeast of the Republic of Moldova, was abandoned by the leadership of the Soviet Union after Mikhail Gorbachev came to power and set up the famous “perestroika”. Villagers from nearby villages have stolen everything they could from the former military base.

Olişcanilor forest Bunker | Sholdanesht,USSR

A 13-storey Soviet bunker in the underground is in the forest of Oliskani village, Soldanesti district. More pictures of this construction were posted by a Ukrainian blogger on his Blog. He writes that such constructions can also be found in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Azerbaijan.

According to the “Republic of Moldova” page on a social network, the bunker is one of the largest in the former Soviet Union. The construction is a block with two cylinders, each with a diameter of 36 meters and a depth of 60 meters.

Twenty years ago, with the collapse of the Soviet empire, works on the site of the military base of the Olişcanilor forest, Soldanesti district, a strategic object of Union importance were also stopped.
Some locals say the base should have been a rocket base, and others claim it should have been a place of refuge for commanders of the armed forces in the region in the event of war.


 (Photo: general-kosmosa.livejournal.com)


 (Photo: general-kosmosa.livejournal.com)


 (Photo: general-kosmosa.livejournal.com)


 (Photo: general-kosmosa.livejournal.com)


 (Photo: general-kosmosa.livejournal.com)


 (Photo: general-kosmosa.livejournal.com)


 (Photo: general-kosmosa.livejournal.com)


 (Photo: general-kosmosa.livejournal.com)


 (Photo: general-kosmosa.livejournal.com)


 (Photo: general-kosmosa.livejournal.com)


 (Photo: general-kosmosa.livejournal.com)


 (Photo: general-kosmosa.livejournal.com)


 (Photo: general-kosmosa.livejournal.com)


 (Photo: general-kosmosa.livejournal.com)

Source – General-Kosmasa

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