Hooded Grebes Mating Dance | Birds craziest Tango mating Dance

It’s very rare to catch a glimpse of these birds mating and they have craziest mating dance. Hooded Grebes are famous for the elaborate moves they use to win mates but no one even knew about this species of grebe until 1974, which people discovered about half a century ago. Hooded Grebe live in remote region of Patagonia, Argentina and while it might look funny.  So, in an impressive dance ritual, they test their stamina, rhythm and coordination!

Hooded Grebe Mating Dance

Although we have not unlocked the secrets of the Hooded Grebe, its existence threatens invasive predators, such as the mink imported into its parts for fur production, and the plans for dams on the Santa Cruz River, which are estimated to lead to the destruction of the habitat of birds.

By the mid-1980s, his population was estimated to be at least 3,000 to 5,000 adult birds. Today they do not exceed 400 pairs of players.

The video was filmed for the documentary Tango in the Wind and is the first time that his spectacular dance is presented in such detail. These guys are doing something very important.


  • An impressive dance ritual

  • Craziest mating dance

  • A glimpse of these birds mating

  • Hooded Grebe live in remote region of Patagonia, Argentina

Source – BirdLife International /Twisted Sifter / Video by Michael and Paula Webster


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