The leaves of a 1400-year-old tree turn into an ocean of gold

The 1,400-year-old ginkgo biloba tree stands in the Buddhist Gu Guanyin Monastery in Zhongnan Mountains of China. Each year since mid-November, its leaves turn yellow and begin to fall when the monastery garden turns into the golden ocean, which always attracts tourists from nearby surroundings.


These trees have a very special symbol in Japan, since they were the first trees that sprouted in the areas where the atomic bombs had dropped after the bombing of the United States.


The ginkgo is considered to be a holy tree, every autumn, the leaves of this 1400 year old tree turn golden yellow and fall huddling in the temple grounds and attracting a large number of tourists.

The leaves of a 1400-year-old tree turn into an ocean of gold

Ginkgo is considered a living fossil. It is a survivor of 400 million years ago when the first hardwoods appeared. It has survived meteorites, extinctions, volcanoes and global climate changes.


The name ginkgo is derived from the Japanese ‘Ginkyo’ and means ‘silver apricot’, but after seeing the images below we want to opt for a new name meaning ‘golden apricot’. When this 1400-year-old ginkgo, rooted within the walls of a Buddhist temple in China, drops its leaves in autumn, a golden rain drops to the ground, leaving a beautiful golden-yellow blanket.




Source – Thisiscolossal

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